The Joy Foods Diet

* Do you need more support in sticking to your ideal diet, high-raw diet or 100% raw diet?

* Is emotional detox making it difficult to transition to a cleaner diet?

* Are you suffering from food addictions, emotional eating, or compulsive overeating?

* Could you use a network of loving, supportive, understanding people in your life?

* Do you need help fine-tuning a raw / high raw diet to your particular needs?

* Do you need help staying focused, on track, energized and excited about your health journey?

* Are you suffering from stress, depression, anxiety or emotional instability?

* Do you feel chemically imbalanced?

* Are you frustrated with yourself for not doing what you know is right?

* Have you tried everything only to end up back at square 1?

* Are you at your wit’s end in the battle against food?

Then I have some really important news for you!

The Joy Foods Diet

My EBT (Emotional Brain Training) Coach Barbara Gabriel and I are launching a new Program called The Joy Foods Diet.

We have 3 new TeleGroups now forming to work together. These are open to eight participants each.

These TeleGroups are for people who want to stay raw (and/or high raw) or optimize their raw diet AND get their emotional set-point to a “1” (sustained joy) using Emotional Brain Training, an amazing practice and a scientific solution to stress.

We are excited to combine these two amazing modalities, Raw food and EBT, which I believe complement each-other ideally in providing the tools for true, lasting change on the personal level. And when we change on the personal level, we change everything.

This is The Joy Foods Diet, embracing whatever that is to each individual. Whether you thrive on a 100% raw vegan diet or a high-raw plant based diet, we look at getting away from Stress Foods like refined sugar, gluten, dairy and processed foods with chemical additives and learning to include more Joy Foods like fruits and vegetables that help to bring the body into a state of balance and joy.

We are opening up 3 Joy Food Diet Teleclass Groups:

The below are special introductory rates for these first 3 Groups only. After that the price will return to normal ($5000 for the 1 year plans and $10,000 for 2 years)

“The 1 Year Plan”$3,700 – If you are looking for extreme weight release of 100 lbs. or more, this in-depth program will get you started on a solid, natural path to return you to your natural state of radiant health. There is room for six people in this Group.

“The 2 Year Plan”$6,700 – If you are looking to take your time with the extreme weight release and achieve deeply ingrained transformation we welcome you to sign up for this Group. There is room for eight people in this Group.

“The Wired at 1 Plan”$3,700 – No matter what your weight, if you want to overcome food addiction, compulsive over-eating, or other issues around food and become wired at brain state 1, in joy, this 1-Year program is for you. There is room for eight people in this group also.

Payment plan available upon request.

These Groups will begin on March 1st, 2013.

The emotional brain is slow to change so re-wiring your habits and your emotional set-point takes time and commitment. However, perfection is not required or even recommended for success.

Each Group in this Program comes with….

– all of the EBT Kits; 7 workbooks that guide you beautifully and easily to creating joy in your life

–  a weekly 1.5 to 2-hour EBT Group Teleclass conference call which is like having incredible therapy sessions from my amazing EBT Coach and Marriage and Family Therapist Barbara Gabriel who is high raw and recovered from binge eating with EBT!

- You get buddied up and you become like family with the other participants in a very short time, though the Group is conducted totally via phone and email.

- The calls are recorded so if you miss a call you can catch up.

– You have a daily 5-20 minute phone call with your buddy.

– You do a 2-minute check-in each hour on your own which simply includes deep belly-breathing and identifying your brain state.

– It also comes with my menu plans and individual help in adapting a raw diet plan to your specific needs and sticking to it!

- You will have access to Barbara and I via phone and email for support.

– Both Barbara and I will work with you and the Group on reducing stress in terms of breaking food addictions through the combined modalities of EBT which is based on the latest scientific breakthroughs in addiction / brain research and the Raw Diet which allows for complete freedom from food addictions which stem from chemical toxins generated or added in the heating, processing and packaging of foods.

You are probably already aware that you feel best when you follow a raw vegan diet. EBT can help if you are having trouble eating in the way that you know helps you to be at your best.

Eating and emotions are intertwined in a very complex relationship and from what I have found over the last 20 years of exploring both of these realms, it is only by approaching both at the same time that one can finally have lasting peace, health, self-acceptance, and happiness.

“The Joy Foods Diet” is a special in-depth Program for those who are really ready to commit to becoming wired at 1 / wired in joy.

This really works!

You can listen in on a recent 21 Day Cleanse conference call in which I talk about my amazing experiences with becoming free of food addictions via EBT below.

“True Change – Creating a real shift in how we are wired around food”. Here is the recording:


These intimate Group Programs are priced at $3,700 for a year or $6,700 for two years.

Compare this to the price of therapy at $150 a week which comes to $7800 a year and that is without nutritional or group support! Also, therapy is usually open-ended whereas with EBT results happen quickly and you learn the tools to keep up the work on your own.

If you think you might be interested, let me know a bit about you, which of the three Telegroups you would be interested in, and your reasons for wanting to sign up! We will try to work out a time and day of the week for the teleclass conference calls to accommodate everyone who is interested.

You can also reserve a spot by clicking one of the links above. Spaces are available on a 1st-come-1st-served basis.

Click to contact me.

Please share with anyone you think would benefit.

Here is an example of how EBT is shifting my emotional brain’s wiring around food

In Joy!




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