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The Garden Diet

“The only sustainable way to get healthier is to remove the causes of disease and apply the causes of health.”

We now know that cooked food causes cancer. The FDA have told us the only reason they don’t alert the public is because “there would be very little left to eat” – their words!

But that’s only true for those who don’t yet know about the raw vegan diet! For those of us who are in the know, we are able to eat a diet that is perfectly free of toxic heating processes and the resultant molecular degeneration and denaturation of foods!

How is this fair??? It isn’t! It isn’t fair to have this knowledge and not share it! That is why we have our websites, our blogs, and our daily raw inspiration full of daily information getting the word out there! And that is why we’ve devoted ourselves to earning our livings in the world also through the dissemination of this revolutionary and important knowledge!

We’ve worked for 20 years now to make the information accessible, affordable, and doable! And I believe our greatest offering of this is in our Go-RAW Programs!

Through these programs hundreds of people each month get to eat a 100% raw vegan menu plan for 3 and 4 weeks respectively, with daily support, recipes, shopping lists, journal exercises, motivational reading, and online social networks.

Our Go-RAW Programs make this easy, tasty and nourishing! Let me break that down for you, as these are not just salas-pitch words but have a real deep meaning for me!

1. Easy: Our version of the RAW diet HAD to be easy, because we have been raising five children on it, while home-schooling and working from home! You can imagine how crazy our life can get and how we needed to be able to make meals quickly and easily.

2. Tasty: Children are the harshest critics and can be the pickiest eaters. We didn’t want to have to make five different dishes for each meal, so we stuck with the recipes that all the kids liked! That’s why our recipes are universally considered delicious by people of all kinds and all over the world! The raw diet is not a trend or simply a business for us – it is our full-time, long-term family lifestyle! Plus, we are foodies. We are not in this lifestyle for the deprivation, but for the wonderful sensuality inherent in raw foods!

3. Nourishing: Raising raw children is a huge responsibility and although meals must be easy and tasty, they must most importantly be nourishing! By studying nutritional research we have designed a raw diet that provides optimal nourishment for growing young bodies, pregnant and nursing women (which has included me, for about 15 of the last 20 years!), and the likes of Storm, an extreme athlete now in his 60’s!

With the tremendous success of Storm’s anti-aging diet and the amazing healthfulness of our family, we feel we simply MUST share our recipes and more importantly, our menu plan, with others striving to be 100% raw.

For more information about our Go-RAW Programs visit our websites:

In Joy!

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