What Makes The Garden Diet Different

There are so many raw food diet programs, 28 day diet programs, and 21 day cleanses out there now! So how is The Garden Diet and our 21 and 28 Days Raw Programs different from other Raw Food Diet Programs?

1.) The Family Factor

We raised 5 kids on raw foods. Beyond a combined 60 years of experience in raw foods, this also gave us three important criteria for our raw diet/recipes…

– The recipes HAD to be delicious, and universally so to satisfy all five of their tastes. No making five different meals for five different kids!

– The diet HAD to be balanced and nutritious enough for growing children. No deficiencies allowed!

– The recipes HAD to be easy-to-make. No spending hours in the kitchen!

This experience helped us over the last 20 years to refine our recipes and our overall diet to one that is actually doable and sustainable on a day-to-day level even for growing children, a pregnant and nursing mother, and an athletic, muscular man.

2. No Supplements, No Superfoods, No Dehydration

The Garden Diet is an experiment in getting all of our nutrients directly from fresh foods. “Fresh is Best”! When we start relying on synthetic supplements, dried powders and pills, and processed, packaged, dehydrated raw foods we not only end up spending way too much money but we also forget the mainstays of a healthy raw vegan diet – fresh fruits and vegetables!

3. Comprehensive / Covers 3 Cornerstones of Health (which brings serious momentum to your practice)

We realize that a healthy diet alone is not a total solution to health. Working out is equally essential. And the third equally important factor for holistic balance is Emotional Health. In today’s stressful society we need to find ways to maintain inner well-being. Our Programs provide inspiration, motivation, and exercises to help you create joy in your life, as well as guided journaling designed to bring you in to a positive inner alignment so that your joyful emotional life can be a vibrational match to your lighter diet.

Learn more about our programs at http://21DaysRaw.com

In Joy!


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