Emotional Eating vs Emotional Healing

Jinjee and HerbsEvery Sunday at 2:00 PM I host a Question and Answer Conference Call for my Go RAW Program Participants.

This week nobody had any questions so I just talked about what was on my mind – which was Emotional Eating and Emotional Detox and the relationship between the two, as well as the incredible opportunity that Emotional Detox offers us as a part of the healing process.

I think this talk covers a lot of concepts that are important for anyone dealing with Emotional Detox which is when we become grouchy, irritable or even highly emotional when we switch to a cleansing diet like a raw food diet.

So I’d like to share this talk with you freely via these links below. They are mp3 files so you can listen while you work or clean or whatever. They will automatically stream on your browser, or you can download them (see instructions at bottom of page if you have trouble) and listen to them in iTunes or burn them to a CD or mp3 player to listen to while you are driving.


http://tinyurl.com/confcall28a – There is about 5 minutes of silence at the end of this one as I got disconnected. As soon as the silence starts just go ahead and close this file and go to the next part here:



Topics covered in above call –

What is Emotional Eating

Why we do it

Stuffing down emotions

What is Emotional Detox

Why it happens

How we can deal wtih Emotional Detox

Negative emotions as messengers

Being with our emotions

Connection between emotional and physical bodies

Stress and eating

Avoidance of pain

Working through addictions, getting unstuck

EBT (Emotional Brain Training)

Processing Emotional Detox with EBT

Re-wiring the brain with EBT

The free EBT app

Other ways of processings our emotions


Download Instructions – To download the files to your computer, click on the first link below. Then go to your File menu and select “Save page as…” Or right-click or control-click on the actual file display and select “Save as…”


Countdown to 28 Days Raw — 5 days! Tomorrow is last day for Early Bird Special!


In Joy!

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2 Responses to Emotional Eating vs Emotional Healing

  1. Drink water. Your body is composed of about 60% water. Every job in your body happens in a fluid environment. For example, this fluid is used in digestion and absorption of food, circulation and transportation of nutrients (blood and lymph), production of saliva, and regulation of body temperature. It is also used to keep your muscles, joints and skin lubricated. It protects your organs and tissues. Water helps eliminate toxins (through breath, sweat, urine, and feces). It also helps you have regular bowel movements.

  2. alli says:

    so grateful for this!! i have been looking for resources on this. i struggle with emotional eating. going to listen to this first thing in the morning! thank you so much for this, and for everything else you offer people. so nice of you!!

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