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My Favorite Green Juice

This is the yummiest green juice recipe I know, and contains several powerful “TrueSuperFoods” including celery, kale, cucumber, lemon, and apples! In fact, those are all the ingredients and each one is an incredible superfood in its own right.

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Vegetable Protein Percentage Chart

Amazing that vegetables have more protein than nuts, seeds, or grains!

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28 Day Transition To Raw Program

The 28-Day Transition-to-Raw Program starts on July 26th! If you ever wanted to go raw but didn’t know how, if you ever tried to go raw but couldn’t, if you are unhappy with your raw diet, if you have been … Continue reading

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Shale's Snow Sundae

Shale and Adagio make a Snow Sundae….Raw Vegan kids invent their own treats…Here’s the recipe, as told by Shale, age 8 and Adagio, age 5. Many variations possible. Please make only if clean snow is available….

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New Green Smoothie Recipes

I used to have trouble drinking green smoothies with an orange juice base, however Jules has been making some green smoothies with orange juice that taste and feel absolutely great! Here are her recipes….

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