Shift Happens!

I’ve been working with EBT (Emotional Brain Training) Practitioner Barbara Gabriel who came down to our retreat last month.

When I first saw her I instantly loved her energy, but had no idea that she would be such an angel in my life.

After just three sessions with Barbara and reading the first few chapters of “Wired for Freedom” by EBT Founder Laurel Mellin I am completely free of cravings for any foods that I know are not good for me.

Freedom from addiction is such an amazing feeling! It is almost like we can either be addicted or we can be our true selves (or discovering our true selves!).

When I am my true self, I feel this amazing potential of creativity that is totally ecstatic! But it can also sometimes be overwhelming.

Using the EBT tools I’m able to calm down and center myself without using food to bring my energy down.

The EBT tools are very simple tools for checking in with how we are doing, something many of us seem to have lost the ability to do in these fast-paced modern times.

What I’m amazed at is how effortless it is, how the addictions seemed to vanish on their own, – even the addiction to being addicted (many of us go from one addiction to another – food, work, negative thinking, caffeine, MSG, etc..)

The little effort of paying attention to ones feelings, of tuning in to ones thoughts and physical sensations, and the process of looking at what really is causing us anger, frustration, sadness, pain, fear and guilt; this is where the work takes place.

Usually we work at attacking the addiction on the physical level through discipline, exercise, diet, promises, self-recrimination, etc…It is so much work! And can be so ineffective without addressing the deeper issues of our unreasonable expectations, and learning how to turn those around and become compassionate with ourselves.

I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with food addiction or any other addiction to look up Emotional Brain Training ( and read “Wired for Freedom” and/or find an EBT practitioner near you or contact Barbara Gabriel via

This would be an excellent practice to do in combination with our Go-RAW Programs to make a mega-shift on every level!

Sometimes when things seem the hardest, freedom is just a day away, a thought away, a step away! It can happen to you through raw foods, EBT, a person, a new idea, a new feeling, or really any outer or inner event…Be open to change at any time — in others, in yourself, and in the world! Remember, — Shift happens! :)

Memo: 21 Day Raw Cleanse begins Monday. Early Bird Special lasts til Friday.

In Joy!

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