Shale's Snow Sundae

Shale and Adagio make a Snow Sundae….Raw Vegan kids invent their own treats…Here’s the recipe, as told by Shale, age 8 and Adagio, age 5. Many variations possible. Please make only if clean snow is available….

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2 Responses to Shale's Snow Sundae

  1. Marie Nadine Pierre says:

    One love Jinjee.

    Thank you soo much for sharing this video of your lovely children. That is such a good idea to get them started so young at doing this type of work. Wonderful. They were adorable. I have to show it to my kids so they can try the recipe too. They love ice especially during the summer.
    Blessed love.

  2. Brandy Jo Turner says:

    Lovely! Dripple – my favorite new culinary word… BTW I always love the huge pile of oranges on you counter! My family is developing a love for oranges…

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