Set Small Goals

Don’t think you can get through the day without falling off the wagon? Take today one moment at a time. By setting little goals and meeting them you make yourself stronger, you empower yourself.

Set a goal upon rising to have orange juice for breakfast, or whatever is on your menu plan. Write it down. Then when you’ve had it, check that on your list, and feel great about meeting your goal. Now set your snack goal. Etc…

If you are tempted to fall off the wagon, set a goal to not fall off your wagon before your morning snack. Check-mark that after your morning snack. Etc…

This way, you aren’t denying your temptations forever, but just from moment to moment, as you gather strength and personal power.

– from Raw Empowerment Program’s Daily Motivational Reading
(REP special still going on…)

In Joy!

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