Seeking Good Feelings from Bad Food

Joy Foods DietSeeking good feelings from bad food is a crazy merry-go-round, ending up in a panic to eat something that will bring emotional ease, like an addict chasing a high but not finding the right drug-cocktail to get it because with the abundance of drug-laced foods the options are just too many to remember and duplicate.

When you do find an emotional high from bad food, it is false, short, and generally works because it is numbing or because it is a stimulant, lending you energy that it will take back from your future self with interest.

On the other hand you can learn to love real foods, i.e. fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and some simple, yummy recipes you can make with these…their delicious, bursting flavors, fresh-juicy-crunchy-rich-creamy-soft-fuzzy textures, and the amazing way they make you feel….and you can find yourself chasing an actual high!

This is an emotional and physical high that is attainable and sustainable! This is a high that is real, lasting, cumulative, balanced, healing, inspiring, envigorating, and healthy! There is no “down”, only greater and greater well-being.

Emotional Eating is only an issue when you are eating the wrong things. Eating for comfort, safety, security and nurturing is impossible when the foods you eat hurt you. But with a Joy Foods Diet you really can and do get these things from food.

It is possible to re-program your brain to go to joy foods rather than stress foods; check out The Joy Foods Diet Program at

In Joy!

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  1. Arliss says:

    (Thanks for this. It’s good motivation for me to think of these angles.)

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