Secret of Relaxation

Research shows that relaxing is key to reducing the stress hormones that cause us to store fat in our tummy area. We all know about deep breathing, yoga, meditation, prayer, and getting out in nature. And we also all know how important exercise is to increasing our reward hormone receptors which is hugely important in reducing stress.

But what about those purely escapist habits that we think of as relaxing but that also somehow cause us a little stress because we really don’t think we should be doing them? I’m thinking about gossip magazines, watching TV, drinking alcohol…things like that. These can easily become habits but often they take up time that could be used for more productive forms of relaxation.

What habit is going to make you happier in the long run? (And short run!) — Using your spare time for a typical escape like watching celebrity videos online or using your spare time to create something you really want – writing a book, writing songs, doing a painting, working on a new skill? It is just habits!

You can choose to have both habits, if you want to too! For instance a half hour show and an hour of creative work a day for instance. The habits of highly successful people are simply doing things that are productive more than things that are purely escapist. You don’t need escapism to relax. You can relax even more when you are doing something enjoyable that is also fulfilling!

In these busy times, if we are going to fit it all in and have full lives in which we get to express our creative natures, something has got to go on the back burner. It’s all about making healthy choices, gaining more energy, and reducing stress so that we can use all the knowledge and wisdom that we have gathered and obtained in our life experience!

- from 21 Day Raw Cleanse

In Joy!

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  1. Thank you for mentioning prayer. As a Christian I find great peace through Silent Contemplative Prayer. I simply sit before the Lord and focus my mind, my heart, and my emotions on Him, loving Him and receiving His Love in return.

    But like many I can also be too escapist. Thank you for the reminder that I can make more positive choices.

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