Safe Feasting

thanksgivingplentyIf you are 100% raw on our programs or not but planning to eat a
cooked Thanksgiving meal due to family/social obligations or
personal choice – here are some guidelines for making a safe

Keep in mind when you go raw you can decrease your tolerance for
toxins. And so as with after a fast, you need to re-introduce foods
slowly, or in this case cooked foods.

So, you could start today (Tuesday) by adding a healthy cooked side
dish to one or two of your meals; brown rice, steamed veggies,
steamed or baked potato, or lentil soup for instance.

Wednesday you would add to that a small portion of something closer
to what you plan to eat on Thanksgiving.

And then on Thursday/Thanksgiving you would eat a small portion of
one or two of your favorite, chosen dishes. Include a salad with
your meal. Cleanse with fruit the following morning.

If you are going on our Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus (RRWRR) on
Sunday Dec 1st, continue to eat gradually more toxin-free over
Friday and Saturday to prepare. I will have the menu plan ready by
Friday so that you can shop on Saturday – hopefully at your local
farmer’s market.

If you are on our 21 Days Raw Program currently you will have
received our Raw Thanksgiving Recipes. If you are not on that
program, you can order them here for $9.97 and receive our bonus
eBooks/Videos “Raw Vegan Holiday Survival Guide” and Thanksgiving
feast demo videos!

Click here:

By the way, The RRWRR Rules are coming soon!!  

(someone suggested using sticker stars….fun stuff like that!)

For more on The Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus (RRWRR) see…..

Day 1 of Rapid Raw Beta Test


Rapid Raw Weight Release Pre-sale and Before Pictures

In Joy!

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One Response to Safe Feasting

  1. Michele says:

    Thanks, Jinjee for all the good tips. Happy Thanksgiving and I look forward to the RRWRR!

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