Research Shows Significant Difference in Organic Produce


Graphic from Fatal Harvest, a book which says volumes more in pictures than we could ever explain in words…

An article in Salon opens with the question…

“Could there be a clear difference between organic and non-organic food? An international study, due out next week, in the journal¬†British Journal of Nutrition, presents evidence that there is, indeed, a discernible difference”.

Studies show that organic foods contain significantly higher levels of cancer-fighting anti-oxidants and are far lower in levels of toxic chemicals.

“This study, according to¬†the Guardian, is the first to show an actual difference between organic and non-organic food”.

Whoa, I guess we organic-leaning non-scientists should all be patting ourselves on the back for figuring this out all on our own! Apparently without any scientific proof some people feel a natural aversion to ingesting chemicals and food grown in chemically treated soil even if the alternative costs twice as much and even in the face of the media constantly telling us that eating organic makes no difference at all.

Although the Salon article does contain some arguments against the study, it seems overall to strive to give a balanced view. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new trend in the media to give more evidence of the organic difference.

You can read the whole article at….

New study suggests differences between non-organic and organic produce

In Joy!


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