Real Forgiveness and Real Health

Holding on to hurt, resentment, anger, and pain rather than forgiving is something that is very detrimental to our health.

The sooner we can resolve major issues like power, control, abandonment, jealousy, and anger issues the sooner we can move out of drama and into a really creative, productive and exciting life in which we are truly growing!

When we eat cooked foods, processed foods, junk foods, packaged foods loaded with chemicals, over-salty foods, or we overeat then our colon is stressed. And when our colon is stressed, we are stressed. And then it is not easy to be kind, positive, loving or forgiving.

We are so addicted to these addictive foods that harm us. And so it is easy to get addicted to addictive negative emotions that harm us too. It is so easy to get addicted to anger, hate, confusion, sadness, despair. These are powerful emotions generating powerful addictive chemicals in our body.

But when we eat a raw diet, we can break the cycle. Diet and emotions work together in so many ways. And so by eating a diet which is not addictive in any way, we become free of addictions. And we think more clearly. And we are not as stressed.

This is what we work on in our 28 Days Raw Program. We do our raw diet. We do our workouts. And we do our inner work. And together these three planes support each-other to generate such a huge forward momentum that we are truly shifted into a whole new way of life and a whole new level of vibrancy!

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In Joy!

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