Raw Weight Release Rumpus Starts Monday!

This coming Monday, the Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus begins again! Join in this fun way to go raw and get in shape that includes The Raw Cup Tournament, in which you give yourself points for every healthy choice you make…This mind-set changes everything! Find out all about it at http://RawRumpus.com

The Rumpus is a wonderful Prep Program (2 weeks) for the 28 Days Raw Program that starts on Monday June 27th! We just put up the Early Bird Special so you can sign up for the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special that includes the Raw Rumpus as a bonus gift at 28DaysRaw.com today!

If you sign up today you also have the option to participate in the current 21 Day Raw Cleanse session that started this past Monday if you are eager to go raw right away! :)

Need more inspiration to take the plunge, go raw, rejuvenate, release weight, gain energy, get in shape and thrive? See my recent blog posts at JinjeeTalifero.com including:

– Why Cleanse with Raw Foods
– Curse of the Empty Calories
– Skin-Firming Detox Recipes


- The greatest wealth is health!

In Joy!

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