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Raw CleanseFrom a 28 Day Program Participant….
I’m feeling fabulous waves of energy today!  I came home from a busy work day and looked around my kitchen at all scrumptious dinner options.  I substituted today’s dinner salad for lunch since I haven’t had luck finding organic cauliflower anywhere local so had many options for a substitute dinner.


Everything sounded good – both sweet and savory.  I settled for the quickie half an avocado with a sprinkle of sea salt and cumin and later I used up leftover coconut water and made the carob silk smoothie from week 1 – yummm.  My new favorite green smoothie has become: OJ, 1 banana, frozen peaches, collard greens, & one chunk of ginger – so good!


I had one day last week when I significantly fell off the wagon – I had been called upon to make cookies for my son’s gathering that night.  As far as recipes go this was a pretty healthy cookie batch – nothing refined but definitely cooked and off my menu.


But those cookie morsels kept breaking into perfect bite size pieces and they were warm and it was cold out and I indulged.  And then a funny thing happened.  Cookie morsels became my best teacher of the day.  I drank my dinner juice not too long after and what had been tasting oh so scrumptious for the past couple weeks all of the sudden wasn’t as tasty and I realized the cookie had messed with my palette.  Fresh fuits and veggies have less flavor when combined with cooked food.  Wow!
– From the 28 Days Raw community forum


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In Joy!
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