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Jinjee with 10 day old baby Adagio

Jinjee with 10 day old baby Adagio

Email from a participant in our 28 days raw Program….

Hello Jinjee,

I am pregnant with my third baby. I thought I was going to do great and have a raw pregnancy, but it’s been soooo different and I have eaten lots of cooked foods. I hope I can still break this negative cycle that I am in at the moment. Can you offer any advice?


Hi Amy, 

I would encourage you to be patient with yourself. Pregnancy is a time when our cravings are tied in to deep circuits of cellular memory and unconscious brain/body memories of where our own Mother got her nutrients when pregnant with us, as well as our earliest nutrition – where we got the building blocks to build our own bodies!

As such, it is an extra difficult time to make dietary changes. However, do as much raw organic produce as you are able, and eat lots of berries (raspberries if you can get a hold of them)! I found that my 100% raw pregnancies resulted in easier labors. My raw pregnancy book is included in the materials of the 21/28 day programs as ebk-pregnancy.pdf in case you are interested.


Jinjee with 10 day old baby Adagio

Jinjee with 10 day old baby Adagio - Raw Pregnancy

Is it safe to do our programs when pregnant?
– Absolutely, yes! We do suggest that you add fruits and vegetables and/or nut-milks, smoothies, or green smoothies from the menu plan in between meals if hungry!

Is there a danger of detox to my baby?
– Our raw cleanse is designed to avoid detox symptoms. It is balanced and sufficient in calories and nutrients for a pregnant woman and her baby. I would replace Week 2 by repeating Week 1, 3, or 4 as this is a deep cleansing week with not as many calories.

What are the benefits of being raw during pregnancy?
– Easier pregnancy, no morning sickness, no leg swelling, limiting weight gain. A raw diet also generates more elastic tissue which makes for a much easier labor as well as a quicker recovery. See my photos 10 day after giving birth to Adagio above and 1 day after giving birth to Yarrow at age 40 here….

Baby Yarrow one day old with Jinjee (40)

Baby Yarrow 1 day old with Raw Mother Jinjee (40)

And with Yarrow 10 days later…

Yarrow 10 days old with Raw Vegan Mama Jinjee (40)

Jinjee, 40, with Yarrow, 10 days...Click above for Raw Pregnancy eBook...

My cravings are so strong during my first trimester and I can’t keep anything down; how could I possibly go raw?
– I think it is fine to go raw after the first trimester. However, I did find that going raw in my first trimester wiped out all signs of morning sickness within 3 days of going raw! I would guess that cooked food actually causes morning sickness! If you can force a little raw food down for three days, after that it gets much easier to stomach. Even if you can’t eat anything don’t worry – many women can’t keep anything down during their first trimester anyway!

Where can I get more information about Raw Pregnancy?
– In my eBook “Raw Pregnancy, Ecstatic Birth” here http://www.thenatch.com/ebookpages/birth.html

In Joy!

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