Raw Green Lemonade to Celebrate St Paddy and Spring!

Join me in drinking a green juice a day from Saint Patrick’s Day March 17th until the end of March  to welcome Spring!

(You may never want to stop!)

This can be a good way to prepare for my 21 Day Raw Spring Cleanse which begins on March 23rd

I’m not proposing a green juice fast, just an idea to do this one good thing for yourself every day! You may notice though that you’ll naturally eat healthier than usual once you start this habit, and that you simply won’t reach for or crave unhealthy foods. Or if you do crave them, that’s as far as it goes. You may find yourself being with and maybe even observing or considering the craving, but somehow never really deciding to act on it.

See my delicious green lemonade recipes below. These green lemonades have become my comfort foods!

It is astounding the power of eating 100% raw foods in combination with green juicing to reconstruct, revive, regenerate and rejuvenate the face and body – and how quickly!

And why do cosmetic and plastic surgery industries even exist when they don’t even come close to achieving the results of a simple green juice a day?!!

What an improvement over green colored water or alcohol to celebrate St. Patrick’s and the beginning of Spring with!

Also as the world is turning more green in Spring, we can bring some of this green inside our bodies and burst forth with new life ourselves, in harmony with the re-birth happening in nature!

Here are some of my favorite green juice / green lemonade recipes…

Green Juice Lush

– 1 bunch dandelion greens

– 1 bunch celery

– 3 cucumbers

– 3 apples

– 1 lemon


Green Lemonade

– 1 bunch any greens (kale, spinach, dandelion, parsley)

– 2-3 cucumbers

– 2-4 apples

– 1 lemon (just juice the whole thing, rind and all)


Saint Patrick’s Day Green Lemonade

– 1 bunch spinach

– 3 cucumbers

– 3 apples

– 1 lemon (just juice the whole thing, rind and all)


Feel free to share these recipes / photos on Facebook!

In Joy!

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