Raw eBook Giveaway, 3 Keys To Lasting Weight Release


With a new 21 Day Cleanse session beginning on Monday and lots of new friends signing up to take part in this adventurous journey, I wanted to give a little something back in the form of some uplifting weekend reading! So, here are three eBooks you can click on to download now!

Raw eBook Giveaway:

1. 3 Keys To Lasting Weight Release, by Jinjee Talifero

2. How to Stick to Any Diet, by Jinjee Talifero
http://TheGardenDiet.com/sticktoyourdiet.pdf (password: rawrep)

3. 7 Strategies for Staying Raw, by Storm Talifero

If you would like to participate in our Go-Raw programs with unbelievably delicious raw recipes and ongoing raw support like a raw retreat you can do in your own home, it is not too late to join in the next session that starts this coming Monday!

Registration is open until Sunday at midnight here: http://21DaysRAW.com

In Joy!

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One Response to Raw eBook Giveaway, 3 Keys To Lasting Weight Release

  1. Suzi says:

    WOW….I used to subscribe to The Garden Diet dailies years ago. You and Storm are tru pioneers.


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