Raw Christmas Tradition!

giftbasketprograms14th Annual Raw Holiday Rumpus starts Monday!

The Raw Rumpus is the first ever raw Christmas tradition. A festive event for raw vegans and others who want to celebrate their plant-based diet! Join in with a supportive and fun community and revel together during the season as we bring the light inside!

Starts Monday! Sign up now, download your shopping list and start gathering your ingredients for this delicious and invigorating menu plan!

Find out more and register today at http://RawRumpus.com

The 21 Day Raw Cleanse originally scheduled to start this coming Monday has been postponed and will be starting on Monday January 2nd 2017! If you signed up for that session, I invite you to do the Raw Rumpus as a 2 week prep for the 21 Day Raw New Years Cleanse!

If you haven’t yet signed up, you can sign up for the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special at http://21daysRaw.com and do The Raw Christmas Rumpus, the 21 Day New Year Cleanse, and the 28 days Raw Program back to back for nine weeks of guided rawmenu plan programs including workouts and inner work exercises!

Email me with any questions at jinjeegarrick@gmail.com

In Joy,

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