Raw Baby Food and Tooth Care

040Q: I have some questions about baby food. I remember have e-mailed you years ago with some nursing questions for my first baby and your answer was very helpful back then. now have baby again and she is 8 months old, but am not sure what to do with food, so am still nursing her and have not given her solid food yet. don’t really remember exactly what I did with the first baby (she is now 7, so it is while ago), all I remember is that I messed up her teeth by not brushing them and giving her OJ and dates all the time. So definitely don’t want to make that mistake again! What is your experience with baby food? what is the right age to start solid food in your experience? and what foods are best? and how long did you nurse your kids? nursed my first kid 4 years and that seemed fine, except for her teeth ( think it was the not brushing combination with OJ and dates, but our dentist says it must have been the nursing at night don’t know about that, but did nurse her also during the night several times for 3 years…). Anyway, hope you are willing to share your experience about baby food, what to give, when to start and what to do with nursing with me. You must be an expert when see how healthy and strong your kids are!

Many blessings,


A: Hi Arielle,

The baby food I made was like a green smoothie with less liquid so that it was thick enough to eat with a spoon.

For instance I would blend up:

– a quarter to half or even a whole avocado
– pitted plums (or any other fruit)
– a few leaves of spinach or a leaf or two of kale, collard greens or romaine lettuce for instance
– just a little orange juice, apple juice, coconut water or water for instance (2 tablespoons to start, adding more tablespoons as necessary to get the mixture to blend)

The avocado gives you the fats and makes it creamy. The fruit gives sweetness. The greens give incredible nutrients and minerals and a little protein too. And the liquid helps it blend up.

I think nursing for 3 years is a wonderful gift to give your child. That was the approximate length each of my kids got and we think it made them really warm people as well as giving them really strong immune systems.

It is hard on the teeth though. In retrospect I would brush their teeth in the mornings as well as before bed. Some like to wipe baby teeth with a wet cloth instead of brushing. I prefer toothbrushing with a mild toothpaste like Auromere or Tom’s. Sufficient greens should help keep teeth strong against cavities too.

Don’t brush teeth for an hour after drinking citrus as it temporarily loosens tooth enamel. But do brush after an hour. Drinking with a straw can help reduce damage from drinking citrus.

I hope this helps!


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2 Responses to Raw Baby Food and Tooth Care

  1. Anna says:

    Very Interesting read, I nursed my two first children til 41/2, they are now 12 and 7, my dentist told me that the nursing caused cavities…my 7 year old boy has perfect teeth, ( I nursed him every night.., but brushed his teeth morning and night.)
    My 3rd child is 3, I still nurse and will continue to do so, and remember that denist are dentist not experts in nutrition.

  2. Val Archer says:

    The teeth problem is K2-deficiency in vegan moms and babies, see:

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