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Ok, these are my Before Pictures (taken yesterday) for my Rapid Raw Weight Release regimen. Yesterday was going to be Day 1, but apparently I was not psychologically ready!

So yesterday and today have been more “trying” to eat as planned, but not quite making it. Yet doing a bit better so that might be a good way to sort of transition / prep for the body to go in to a really light raw diet.

I have been eating some cooked vegetarian food with about 50% – 75% raw for the past few months and I’d like to lose about 10 lbs. to feel great in my party dress! Also I need some extra energy for some new projects I want to work on!

I know that a raw cleanse is the way to go, and I am designing a menu that I think will be quick and easy to do and effective too!

I’m going to call it The Rapid Raw Weight Release Recipe — and it will be a system of raw eating that I have used many times in the past to release weight quickly.

You can pre-order for only $27 here (it will be $37 when it launches in about a week).

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We will start December 1st, the Sunday after Thanksgiving with the group session!

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to do this!!! :)

In Joy!

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9 Responses to Rapid Raw Weight Release – Prep

  1. Candice says:

    I’m looking forward to joining everyone on this program! I also have been gaining weight (around the middle !) and have been wanting to lose the 10 lbs. I’ve gained this year. I’ve been on a high raw diet for 5 years but have been eating more cooked vegan food over the last year. Thanks for creating this program – it’s just what I’ve been looking for to motivate me to lose this weight!

  2. Carol Dennis says:

    I am very excited to join up with this program, however I have been unable to download the Rapid Raw Release Program. I paid through PayPal for $27 on Wednesday. Have the files not been uploaded yet or am I doing something wrong?

  3. massimo says:

    Hello jinjee….just noticing how much you can change if you start eating cooked food….this is an unfortunate weakness in our society because of a misleading education we receive from our too commercial environment and some wrong habits of our present and past Culture . It becomes harder and harder to educate people to start following this path….however it is important that we all try.

    I am from Italy and have been following Raw for a while during ten years of California life . I must admit that I feel to have been emarginated from many friends although some are trying hard to follow. I certainly welcome your RRWRR for which I have signed up.

    Looking forward to follow it and spread the word. The cleansing also is quite interesting and will be next on the agenda. I will be in the Ojai area in February and would love to meet with you and Storm.

  4. Connie says:

    I have been trying on the 21 day for months, can never make it past the 8th day. I can’t wait for the 10 day. I think that will motivate me to go further. Thanks for the new jump start.

  5. Trina Southe says:

    I am going to join you on this one! I love all of your programs and definitely need a raw weight loss jump-start!!! I can’t wait!!!

  6. Stacy says:

    Hi Jinjee…remember, don’t beat yourself up :) I love that link from your 21 day cleanse! I think you look great, however do understand what you are feeling. It is ashame that cooked food causes our bodies to change. Not sure if that is retaining water, or what it does, but it does cause it on myself as well as all of my friends that have tried raw vs not.
    I hope you don’t mind a suggestion for your before photo and your book? Your surroundings outside on your land shown in a lot of your photos is so breathtaking. Have you considered taking your “before & after” photos outside in front of your favorite tree, boulders, near a stream or other nature setting? The natural lighting is so nice and it would tie-in with the other gorgeous photos you have taken of yourself and your family over the years. I think that it would look great in your new upcoming book also. Being a graphic designer at heart, I like to use natural lighting and backgrounds/backdrops of nature, as in your past photos. The backdrops of your backyard must be so calming and beautiful, as are you.
    I love how real you are and appreciate how often you are willing to share your feelings and experiences. This really helps us in our journey. :)

  7. Doug Harrity says:

    Its funny because I just emailed someone that I would love to loose soon 10 pounds and I just wanted to mention it.
    Ontario Canada

  8. Margaret says:

    Oh Jinjee! (I think I know how you got there – good that you are catching it early – it is harder if you don’t notice it until it is scary – but I took off 100 lbs, and I know you are not at that place yet – you can do it – you have all of the procedures in place already) I wish you the best of luck! You know how to do it, and, so, ultimately, it will be a walk in the park. You go, girl!

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