The Real Overpopulation Problem

feedlotYou may have heard the statistic that cow farts are the biggest cause of global warming. According to Huffington Post, that’s just a part of the way farming for meat is taking a toll on the environment and endangering life on earth.

Truly Einstein knew what he was talking about when he said “Becoming vegetarian is the single most important thing that people can do to ensure the survival of the human race”. Because we all know when we talk about saving the planet, that it is the people that are in danger of wiping out themselves through making the planet uninhabitable, and that the planet itself will be fine for quite some time.

Here’s how the Huffington Post article starts…

There’s an overpopulation problem alright, but not the one you might think. There are seven billion people on our planet, but times that number by 10 and you get the 70 billion farm animals driving the worst environmental crisis of modern times.

The impact of increased human numbers will come under renewed scrutiny this World Population Day (11 July). Rightly so; the faster we grow, the faster we are knocking down forests, killing off species and using too much water. Climate change is no longer a distant concept, but a tangible force already affecting so many people all over the world.

Overpopulation is too often seen as a standalone issue. This seems overly simplistic. Should we not rather address the specific things humans are actually doing? There is little doubt in the scientific community which single activity is to blame: the rise of animal agriculture, responsible for at least 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is more than all of the world’s transport – cars, buses, trains, planes, boats, ships – combined.

Read the rest of this very interesting article at…

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The truly natural diet

passionfruitYou see the label “natural” applied to a great many foods. If a packaged food has a drop of natural flavoring (MSG) and is full of other chemicals you’ll still see the label “natural” applied to it.

Is it because the marketers know that we realize that natural equals healthy?

But what foods are really natural? If you define natural as from nature, grown in nature, food that grows and is alive, and that hasn’t been altered by processing, then I think the foods that are truly natural are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Of course grains, beans, and legumes are natural too. But they can’t really be eaten in their natural state. They require cooking.

So the only really natural diet is the raw vegan diet. What does it feel like to eat a totally natural diet? Well we start to feel naturally energetic and happy. We return to our natural state of well-being. Our bodies feel good. We return to health. We also start returning to our natural shape. Our  natural shape is healthy and fit with glowing skin and hair. Like a perfect fruit or tree or waterfall our natural state is as beautiful as nature itself.

You only need to try it for a day to realize how true this is.

In joy,


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Science shows Fruits and Veggies make you Happy!

I knowScreen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.36.10 PM you already know this, of course – it’s obvious! But now scientific studies are showing people who can’t figure out the obvious on their own that eating more fruits and vegetables (about 8 servings a day) actually makes you happier!

What’s more amazing to me is that a biology teacher commented that this was impossible and that a plate of veggies doesn’t make you any happier than a plate of meat. Well, this is a person who is thinking of pleasure in the moment vs. long-term happiness derived from long-term health!

And the really cool thing is that many of us who are into raw/vegan foods get just as happy (or happier!) in the moment sitting down to a fresh, colorful, crispy plate of rainbow salad which just bursts into flavor in your mouth….mmmmmm (eyes roll back in head)…..than any other food on earth!

Here’s the article to back up your healthy lifestyle choices! Forward to your friends who are working at increasing their happiness!

Note: How about eating all fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds? Make it yummy and nutritionally balanced! 21 Day Raw Cleanse begins Monday July 25th! See

In Joy!

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Keep Calm and Earn Points

If all the stress in this country is getting to you, there is something you can do to create more peace in your body, and so in your own life, and we all know that the power of the ripples of your  peaceful energy is beyond measure!

Keep calm and earn points with The Raw Weight Release Rumpus that starts on Monday! This is a whole new approach to losing weight with raw foods in which your focus is on rewarding yourself with points for each healthy choice you make, each healthy meal you eat, each healthy snack you choose, and each workout you do!

Check out the system at…

You can join in the program or do it on your own!

For ongoing raw support from me and our amazing support community, consider a 2-Program Lifetime Membership at which will put you in The Raw Rumpus starting Monday as well as the 21 and 28 Day Raw Programs that follow this session! Can you imagine 9 weeks raw and what a difference that would make to your life, to your health, and your wellbeing?

Wishing you health, happiness, and peace today and always!

In Joy!

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Wrong (and right) reasons for going raw….

Image courtesy of start08 at

Image courtesy of start08 at

This is a little tongue-in-cheek, but there may be some truth to it…


– So I don’t have to exercise (true, you can lose weight on raw foods without exercising, but you can’t be truly healthy and well without exercising, and your body will eventually lose its tone!)

– So I don’t have to get my teeth fixed (true, raw foods won’t aggravate your cavities into tooth-aches, but you should still get those fixed!)

– So I can feel superior (one of the most annoying things about raw-vegans, especially when they are trying to get one-up on each-other! These people will exclude whole food-groups just to win at being the most restrictive)

– So I can be more spiritual (you might have an easier time connecting to your spirit, but you are still going to get lessons and have to go through challenges like anyone else trying to grow)

– To be more pure, clean, perfect (it ain’t gonna save your soul!)

– To save time (time-saving in many ways, if you do a simple/doable version)

– To heal (this is actually the best reason to go raw! It doesn’t heal everything, but it heals so many things that it’s worth a shot!)

– To not age (do it right and you rejuvenate; wrong and you can actually age more quickly!)

– To live forever (not gonna happen – maybe an extra 20-30 years at best, if you get it right!)

– To be annoying (to make people go to more trouble for your dietary considerations. Yes, sometimes it does seem like young people do it to be rebellious. Hey, there are a lot worse rebellions they could go through!)

Funny Alert! – I want to share this funny video called “If meat eaters acted like vegans”. it’s laugh-out-loud clever and funny, but gross because of the raw meat. But if you don’t think this is funny, you might need to take yourself a little less seriously! :)


New: The 28 Days Raw Program started today with a new group going raw together. Late registration is now open through Wednesday at


In Joy!

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Become a Diva About Your Health

healthdiva2How to adopt the Diva Mind-state…

If you are suffering from bad health habits, you can get some relief by switching to a Diva Mind-state!

Have you ever met a health diva? Someone who is always tuned in to exactly what they need and actively going about getting it? These people can be quite annoying but serve as good role-models for those of us who put our health needs on the back burner. It will be easier to adopt a Diva Mindset if you’ve witnessed one first-hand.

Either way, here’s how to do it….

You know how you are beating yourself up all day long for not drinking water, not eating right, not exercising, not getting enough sleep, working too much, etc?

Well, here’s the simple task. Every time you notice yourself berating yourself for something, instead of getting down about it, do something about it right away! Like, in that very moment, do the thing you are noticing you need. Get a glass of water. Do a stretch or a 5-minute workout or 10 sit-ups. Walk around the block. Take a break. Take a nap. Put away that food and write down your feelings. Call a friend. Take care of your wellbeing…now!

Here’s the mindset that will help in your task. Be tuned in to your needs and wants. Not the food, entertainment, escapist wants, but the true desires of your heart and the more immediate needs of your mind and body. If you feel thirsty, be a diva and ask for some water. Put your thirst above whatever project you are doing for whomever at the moment, even for your kid. If you really need a workout right now, be a diva about that and tell everyone you will be back in an hour and a half, and go take care of yourself. Put it on the daily calendar and be a diva about that sacred time for yourself. Make everyone else work around your schedule. Be a diva and ask the waitress to hold everything off your order that you don’t want to eat and replace it with more of what you do want to eat. Demand your healthy treats on the shopping list first. Demand your rest, your relaxation, your sleep, and your emotional wellbeing.

Instead of the usual mindset of discipline, deprivation, self-blaming, self-pity, martyrdom, depression, overwhelm and giving up, you can shift your reality and your experience by being more demanding. It’s a whole different energy; powerful, badass, loving towards yourself, caring, valuing your body and your emotional state, taking care of yourself so that you can be more useful to the world and enjoy being in it too!

Try it for a day! — Be a Diva and Feel Better!

Memo: 3 Days left in Early Bird Special for 28 Days Raw Program that will start on Monday!

In Joy!

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Exciting 28 Days Raw Program starts on Monday

Photo by Trevor, 28 Days Raw Participant

Photo by Trevor, 28 Days Raw Participant

Get Ready now by signing up at and downloading the Prep Week ebook  for everything you need to prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally for this exciting lifestyle upgrade!

See for details, pictures, testimonials and the incredible early bird special!

If I learned anything listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on Youtube it is that to achieve great things you must use all your resources, all your gifts, all your intelligence.

If you want to change any area of your life, and you know the raw diet gives you increased energy, happiness, focus and vitality, then use this resource to help you accomplish your dreams, whatever they are!

Register today at!

In Joy!


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How to prepare to go raw and thrive with these easy tips

I’d love for you to think about joining in on the 28 Days Raw Program that begins on June 27th, a week from this coming Monday. (


If you’ve had trouble taking the plunge in the past, you might consider joining in an optional Prep Week that starts this coming Monday. This is the week that you prepare on your own for going raw. If you order the program and download the materials you’ll find PrepWeek.pdf in the PDF folder called 28days.


This document has a variety of ideas for preparing yourself to go on a 100% raw diet for you to pick and choose from based on what resonates with you.


You can cut out one toxin a day, or cut out one or more or even all of the major toxins like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners, MSG, animal products and processed foods for the whole week.


In addition you can undertake some detox-prevention practices like increasing your cardio and stretch workouts, drinking more water, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables for fiber.


You can prepare mentally and materially by getting your kitchen cleaned out and gathering the raw equipment you need (listed on, looking over the menu plans and shopping lists and determining where you will buy your ingredients.


All this and more is covered in the Prep Week eBook that comes with the 28 Days Raw Program at


Preparation can make all the difference in helping you feel ready and eager to take that giant step into a new stratosphere of health, fitness, energy, beauty, rejuvenation, wellness, and well-being!


Find out more, see Before and Afters and recipe pics at


In Joy!
Inspiring Raw Articles…
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Use this trick to develop healthy habits


How to make better choices…

Most of the time you kick yourself for the bad choices that you make while you barely notice the good ones. We all have a lot of this kind of subconscious negative reinforcement going on.

But what if every time you made a healthy choice you gave yourself a big heap of points on actual paper, and whenever you made a choice that was not healthy for you, you deduct just a couple of points from your score chart on paper.

Do you think that would make a big difference? You bet! That’s what the Raw Rumpus is all about. Yes it’s a raw food program with a menu plan, shopping lists, an exclusive online forum and daily instructions to your inbox.

But the main tool of The Raw Rumpus is the score chart and giving yourself points for all your healthy choices.

The fact that your points count towards your team winning The Raw Cup Tournament can be an inspiring and motivating factor also.

To see the score chart click below and find out all about The Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus / Raw Cup Tournament and how to join so you can start with this fun and life-changing game this coming Monday!

In Joy!

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Raw Weight Release Rumpus Starts Monday!

This coming Monday, the Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus begins again! Join in this fun way to go raw and get in shape that includes The Raw Cup Tournament, in which you give yourself points for every healthy choice you make…This mind-set changes everything! Find out all about it at

The Rumpus is a wonderful Prep Program (2 weeks) for the 28 Days Raw Program that starts on Monday June 27th! We just put up the Early Bird Special so you can sign up for the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special that includes the Raw Rumpus as a bonus gift at today!

If you sign up today you also have the option to participate in the current 21 Day Raw Cleanse session that started this past Monday if you are eager to go raw right away! :)

Need more inspiration to take the plunge, go raw, rejuvenate, release weight, gain energy, get in shape and thrive? See my recent blog posts at including:

– Why Cleanse with Raw Foods
– Curse of the Empty Calories
– Skin-Firming Detox Recipes


- The greatest wealth is health!

In Joy!

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Why Cleanse with Raw Foods

greensmoothiearugulaMany cleanses involve liquid diets and fasts of various sorts and can be very effective. However, when you come off these cleanses you have to be careful to eat clean and only gradually introduce the more toxic foods in your regular diet or you can get really sick because your body looses its tolerance for toxins while you are cleansing.

The 21 Day Raw Cleanse ( can be a good solution for someone coming off a liquid cleanse or any kind of fast. You’ll still be consuming toxin-free food but you’ll be eating three delicious meals a day and can snack on as much fruit as you’d like in between meals too.

By doing a raw cleanse instead of a liquid diet you get a lot, if not all of the benefits of a liquid cleanse, without a shock to your system.

You are still eating, getting lots of fiber and nutrients so you feel really energized. You can still work, exercise, and carry on your day as usual.

Your body will slowly and gradually release toxins over the 21 Days and you’ll notice that your skin looks healthier and more toned, fat is melting away, and your aches and pains vanish.

Instead of going back to a standard diet after the cleanse, you can transition to the 28 Days Raw Program which starts right after the 21 Day Cleanse, or you can repeat the Cleanse menu plans for as long as you like.

The Raw Cleanse can easily be a lifestyle that you can adopt to experience the benefits of a long-term raw diet; rejuvenation, longevity, disease prevention, improved athletic recovery time, increased flexibility, and all the ways that great health can impact a life on every level!

Many people buy the 2-Program Lifetime Membership and stay on the 21 and 28 Day Programs for many months at a time. We’ve had some people release 100 lbs. and more by staying on the programs for a year. You can see their pictures at

Find out more at: and join in the fun with our new group going raw together starting Monday!

In Joy!

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3 Week Raw Menu Plan Starting Monday

saladfromprogramWish going raw was easy?

If you’ve gone raw before, you know how good it feels, how lovely it is to have more energy, to feel lighter, to look your best, to rejuvenate, to feel excited and fresh when you get up in the morning, and to feel comfortable and happy in your own skin!

If you’ve felt all this before, why is it so hard to get back on the raw diet?

Well, maybe because you were missing something in your raw diet before….Maybe you weren’t getting enough protein, fat, or calories and your body is holding you back from going back to that….Or maybe it didn’t bring you the pleasure or taste satisfaction that you need from your daily meals. Why would you want to go back to that?

But what if I told you that I have a Raw Menu Plan that is nutritionally balanced, satisfying, tasty, and easy to make? Would you believe that? What if I could show you hundreds of testimonials from people who have tried this Raw Menu Plan and have released weight, healed, and felt better easily! And what if there were even photos to show you the results?

OK, I can give you all of that! Just go to and see for yourself! :)

The next session starts on this coming Monday, June 6th. The Early Bird Special ends tomorrow, Friday, at midnight!

Quote of the day…
Double Duty: When you engage in good habits you have less time for bad ones!
– Jinjee

In Joy!

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Curse of The Empty Calories

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Image courtesy of Ambro at

How do I describe the devilish crimes that empty calories are responsible for….

The Double-Trouble with empty calories is…

1. They take up space that could be used for healthy food, healing food, energizing food, and nourishing food which is what that space/time/money/energy is for.

2. They hurt you.

Or put it this way….

1. They harm you.

2. They crowd out the foods that could heal you.

What are Empty Calories…

Empty calories are the calories in foods that have pretty much no nutritional value, as in no nutrients, nothing beneficial for your body. Eating empty calories is like eating flavor without eating food.

Empty Calorie Foods are things like junk food, many processed foods, candy, soda, and even bread, pastry, pasta, crackers, cookies, cakes, etc…These are foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Nutrient Dense foods. These foods have very few calories and are very high in nutrients. They have very few calories per nutrient. They are foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. They pack a lot of nutrients per calorie.

You can only eat so many calories a day without gaining weight. And your body has to work to process the foods you put in it, and that creates waste, which uses energy to get rid of.

So, are you providing your body the nutrients it needs to be able to do the work of digestion? Or are you just providing the work of digestion without paying your organs the coin they need to do their work – nutrients!

[A diet exclusively of] refined sugar is lethal when ingested by humans because it provides only that which nutritionists describe as empty or naked calories. In addition, refined sugar is worse than nothing because it drains and leeches the body of precious vitamins and minerals through the demand its digestion, detoxification, and elimination make upon one’s entire system. – François Magendie 

Develop a taste for more than just sweet foods or salty foods. There are subtle flavors in bitter herbs that are really delightful! Develop your palate, like an aficionado of fine wines, for the delicate bouquet of vegetables of all kinds. Your body only needs so much sugar, the rest it turns to fat.

When you choose empty calories (say, ice cream) over nutrient-dense calories (like a salad) you are using up your eating-time and your eating-space and your eating-money (your resources). You are drawing on your resources without putting anything back in the system. You are creating an addiction or a habit of eating empty calories. And you are draining your system of resources, which will first make you tired and then, if you continue down that path, sick. (Plus, without feeding your brain nutrients, you will continue to make poor decisions about what to eat!)

If it all sounds too complicated and difficult, it doesn’t have to be! It really is possible to have a satisfying and delicious diet made from foods that are nutrient dense! One of the most nutrient-dense diets in the world is the raw food diet. And the menu plans on my raw programs are as balanced and easy as a raw vegan diet can be! – and more delicious than most people expect or have ever tasted in the world of raw food before! Details:

In Joy!

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Skin-Firming Detox Recipes

beachThere are so many benefits that come from eating raw and they keep accruing with time the longer you eat a raw vegan diet, but with summer almost here I’m going to focus on one particularly joyous benefit; the effect eating raw seems to rapidly have on your skin — from head to toe!

One of the first things the raw diet did for me was clear up my acne, leaving a healthy glow instead. As the years passed on a 100% raw diet, I noticed my skin tone stayed youthful, both on my face and my body. I saw this with other older raw foodists too, with the exception being some of the older low-fat raw practitioners who often aged more quickly, and had prematurely wrinkled skin on face and body.

I am assuming therefore that part of what gives skin its healthy firmness and glow is fat. But with a balanced raw vegan diet I’ve seen people frequently age in reverse and look 10 or 20 years younger even after just three or four weeks.

I believe this is because the raw diet actually increases the health of your cells, and makes healthy cells which are not clogged with trans fats (caused by heating fat molecules). Trans fats clog the cell walls so they can’t eliminate toxins or take in nutrients.

Healthy, unclogged cells nourished with fresh food can detoxify and take in nutrients more efficiently. Healthy cells make healthy tissues which make healthy organs. The skin is our largest organ. Cells are self-regenerating. With the right building blocks we can build new healthier cells which means we can make new healthier bodies! The most visible sign of this is going to show in our skin.

Find out more benefits of going raw and get 3 weeks’ worth of skin-firming detox recipes at

In Joy,

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Take it down a raw notch!

Image courtesy of iosphere at

Image courtesy of iosphere at

Stop being such a perfectionist! Did you know if you try to keep all the balls in the air — everything you’re trying to change – your diet, exercise, work, housekeeping, water, sleep, spirituality — that you can succeed at some things and fail at others in the same day and actually still feel good about yourself – so that you can keep on trying your best at everything!

But if you obsess and expect perfection in one of these areas you’ll be neglecting your overall balance, and you will not always achieve the perfection you are expecting of yourself, which can really get you down!

Take it from a previously 100% raw fanatic! – fanatical in that I expected myself to be and stay 100% raw all the time, year after year, and beat myself up whenever I fell off the wagon.

Seek balance instead of perfection, and you’ll find happiness and – yes, even greater health!

Remember, health isn’t just your body….You are a mind, body, and spirit — You have a brain, a personality and a soul. You have an emotional life. All of these parts of you need to work in harmony and have their needs met to live a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

In Joy!

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How Two: Create Peace on Earth

hats-300x201In their new book “How Two: Have a Successful Relationship” Phil and Maude talk about how if we want to create peace on earth we must first make our own life peaceful.

Once we have peace within, we can the better have peace in our relationships. And as peaceful relationships proliferate around the world, we create models for peaceful relating between diverse groups and even nations.

Specifically, Phil and Maude give a step-by-step process for creating a peaceful relationship with your significant other.

Although this information can be used to improve any relationship, the authors have used their own unique experience of finding themselves blissfully in an unusually peaceful long-term relationship and explored and examined what they were doing so that they could share this with other couples.

As a friend and editor on their new book “How Two: Have a Successful Relationship” I have been thrilled to learn the nitty-gritty details about how Phil and Maude interact to create a profound level of peace, complete acceptance of each-other’s individuality, and problem-solving that actually brings them joyfully closer together.  

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wishes to experience greater peace, joy, presence, consciousness, and fulfillment in their relationships and in their lives! Also, if you are an advocate for world peace, this book will help you in your mission as a light bringer!

You can order the book or eBook online through Amazon at:

In Joy!

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Raw Vegan Carrot Cake Balls Recipe

Carrot-Cake-Balls-2Welcome guest blogger Sara from Carob Cherub! I am excited to share here what Sara is generously sharing with us….

Normally, people eat cake on their birthday. That wasn’t an option for me in 2014.

From January through June 2014 I was living abroad in Spain. I spent the majority of my time in a humble apartamento in Getafe, an outer suburb of Madrid. The kitchen was compact and didn’t include an oven.

Despite the lack of an oven, Rob and I tried to bake. Mainly whole wheat bread. But it never worked. Our results turned out semi-edible, but never ideal. After spending all of March trying to bake bread in large pots and a pressure cooker, we gave up on baking.

We were stuck with just a stove top.

April rolled around and I wondered what to do for my birthday. España wasn’t a vegan-friendly country. There was a slim chance we would find a restaurant or bakery that sold vegan cake.

And a party didn’t make sense. I was only close to two people whilst living in Spain.

I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money at a restaurant either.

All in all, I had no clue how to celebrate my birthday.

I thought about it often, but never came up with any appealing ideas. The more I thought about it, the more distressed I became.

April 14th arrived.  I emotionally admitted to Rob that I didn’t know what to do for my birthday. He quickly came up with an idea to make my birthday fun and special without a cake or spending too much money.

There were 3 components to my birthday that year:

1. Balloons

2. Homemade sushi

3. Carrot cake balls

The balloons were a creative source of entertainment without spending much. We bought the balloons and a few markers from a nearby store. Then we blew them up and drew on them whatever our hearts desired.

For the sushi, we cooked rice and sliced various vegetables that we had. Celery, carrots and red bell peppers made our first attempt at brown rice sushi colorful and delicious. It was the best sushi we’d made up to that point.

For the carrot cake balls, we modified a recipe Rob found online.

The original recipe called for grated carrots. We had carrot pulp left over from juicing, so we used that instead. The recipe also rolled the carrot cake balls in desiccated coconut. We bought carob from a local health food store to replace the coconut.

Since that day, we’ve always preferred carob over cacao and cocoa.

Though I was distressed leading up to my first birthday abroad, this birthday turned out to be unexpectedly eventful. I didn’t receive any presents or spend lots of money, but I got more than most people. I spent the day hanging out with my best friend and amor.



Celebrate your birthday (or any occasion) with these light and sweet carrot cake balls. They’re less work than a cake and more nutritious, too.

Vegan and free of added salt, sugar, oil, gluten, soy and seeds

Reasons to love this recipe: raw vegan, simple, chocolatey, uses “waste” ingredients

Serves up to 8


• 1 c. carrot pulp

• 20 fresh pitted dates* (around 160 g or 5.5 oz.)

• 1/4 c. pecans, chopped

• 1 tsp. cinnamon

• 1/2 tsp. ginger

• 1/4 tsp. nutmeg

• Dash of turmeric

• 3 tbsp. carob powder


Add the carrot pulp, dates and spices to a food processor. Process until smooth**.

Transfer the carrot and date mixture to a bowl. Add the pecans and stir.

Form balls out of the carrot mixture***.

Add the carob powder to a small bowl. Roll the balls in the carob powder to fully coat them. Don’t be shy about it.

Refrigerate for at least an hour. Enjoy!


*If you don’t have fresh dates, soak the dates overnight in 50 mL of hot water.

** This can take a few minutes depending upon the power of your processor and the dryness of the dates.

***It’s best to first form the balls and then coat them in carob powder. Your hands won’t get as messy transferring between the wet carrot mixture and the dry carob powder.



Sara is a health and nutrition coach at Carob Cherub. She lost 70 pounds through a lifestyle change and advocates eating whole, plant-based foods. Sara’s passionate about showing the world how to lose weight healthfully.


In Joy!

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Stop Compulsive Eating with Your Own Distraction Box

Distraction Box crafted by Raven Talifero

Distraction Box crafted by Raven Talifero

Here’s a fun and easy way to combat habitual eating, emotional eating, compulsive overeating, mindless snacking, etc!

When you are tempted to eat unhealthy foods/snacks when you’re not hungry, take a card from your Distraction Box and do that thing for 15 minutes!

You can start now by making your Distraction Box. Use a shoe box, an old container of any kind, or a special handmade wooden box. If you use a cardboard box or paper bag, you can decorate it with magazine clippings, fabric scraps, old photos, or anything you like. Make it pretty and fun!

Now get some index cards or pieces of paper to make your Distraction Cards. Write down things you enjoy doing on the distraction cards….If you can’t think of anything now, every time you think of something you really want to do, write it down on a piece of paper or card and put it in your Distraction Box.

Here are some of the things I’ve written down to put in my Distraction Box….

  • get ingredients for a new raw recipe I want to try
  • walk around the park
  • have a prayer in the park
  • bike ride to the mission
  • write in your journal
  • make a list of your dreams
  • make a wish list
  • draw your dream home
  • map out your life decade-by-decade
  • do a 5-minute HIIT training (10 pushups, 10 sit-ups, 10 squats, 10 burpees, repeat)
  • do 5 minutes of arm weights
  • drink water with lemon juice
  • learn a new song on piano
  • practice Love Song on piano
  • practice Secret of Life on piano
  • pick out a new song by ear on the piano
  • read a book in French
  • read a chapter in The Urantia Book
  • write a blog post
  • write a children’s story summary
  • study how to write a story outline
  • read an article about relationships
  • listen to a TED talk
  • listen to an Oprah interview
  • read about a musician, writer, or motivational speaker’s life
  • watch a youtube vocal class with Felicia
  • organize a drawer
  • organize a closet
  • write a bizdev proposal
  • write a business plan outline
  • write a love song
  • write a love letter
  • call a friend or family member
  • do a collage
  • do a drawing
  • browse clothes online
  • play mad libs with yarrow

I share many other fun, easy and helpful tools to change your relationship with food and reprogram your healthy lifestyle practices on my 28 Days Raw Program. (Early Bird Special on right now!)

In Joy!

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Why The Conspiracy Theorist “Illuminati-Haters” may be more dangerous than any Illuminati….

beyonce-600x600I just watched a conspiracy theorist on Youtube who had only seen the trailer for Beyonce’s Lemonade tearing it apart as an Illuminati conspiracy. He said Beyonce is trying to bring demons in from beyond the veil into our world now while the veil is thin in these days before Beltane.

OK, if I hadn’t seen this video, which is total garbage (he has no idea what the Visual Album Lemonade is about because he didn’t even bother to watch it before doing his commentary on it) I would not have known about Beltane coming up or there being a thinning of the veil between the worlds.

These conspiracy theorists are the ones who believe in all that. Otherwise why would they fear it. I loved Lemonade. But I have no demons or pagan holidays or fear of evil in my consciousness.  And I can clearly see what this powerful Visual Album is about. Sure, it was a battle with some personal demons; jealousy, revenge, power….

But more than that it was a loosening, a sharing, an unleashing, an unveiling, a revealing, a celebration, an affirmation, and a validation of the female emotional psyche! And that is something the patriarchy has always feared. So, this Illuminati conspiracy theorist is as anti-feminist, as backwards, and as harmful as the supposed Illuminati is.

He is also making people aware of the occult, getting people interested in it. If he is really against all that, he should quit promoting it by paying it any attention or giving it any promotion. He is the problem he is afraid of; not Beyonce! Beyonce is an artist coming into her own power, growing as an artist and a human being, actualizing herself through sharing her creativity completely, and giving to the world thereby. As each of us becomes more of who we really are, we empower everyone to become more of who they really are.

I wanted to comment on the Illuminati Conspiracy Theorists’ blog but he had disabled comments. I won’t promote him by sharing the original link; it isn’t worth your time and would merely insult your intelligence.

(The Urantia Book assures us that the fallen angels from the war in heaven are cosmically incarcerated and awaiting adjudication. They have no power here. There is nothing to fear. We are all children of our loving Father in Heaven).

Lemonade was Beyonce’s way of turning a lemon (suspicions her husband was having an affair) into lemonade (a huge creative project drawing on her emotional experience). What I was struck by is that this was another example of a woman deciding to put her creativity, her life’s work, before her love life.

When we have a life’s work, we are so much more attractive, exciting and interesting. When we are dedicated to our own creativity, or have invested some time into developing it, we have a refuge when life’s hardships hit us. We have a release for our emotions, a way to express them. We have a purpose beyond our role as girlfriend, wife, mother.

Again, in this instance, the medium is the message. What a wonderful example of feminine strength and courage Beyonce has shown in this video album. I’m enjoying seeing many pop musicians develop over time into serious artists. I am renewed in my belief in the power of music and the arts to transform our world, to uplift the vibration of the planet.

I enjoyed Lemonade, was empowered by it, and would recommend that you sign up for a free Tidal account so you can watch it too! It is the video link at the bottom of the album “Lemonade” by Beyonce”.

In Joy!


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Lifting Yourself up is a Muscle…

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.57.12 PMYou have to practice lifting yourself up when you are down.

You can get good at it. You start out weak but with practice you get stronger.

How you lift yourself up is up to you; prayer, meditation, yoga, exercise, dance, music, friendships, service, work, change, journaling, nature, setting goals, reading, creative expression etc…

But the sooner you do it, the more consistently, the more often – the better. By taking action on keeping yourself uplifted, you develop the muscle needed to lift yourself up, whether out of a depression, an addiction, a physical condition or a slump or whether to achieve a goal or make a change in your life.

Practice, practice, practice! — And never give up!

In Joy!

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