One Diet Does Not Fit All

One Diet Does Not Fit AllI am an idealist in regards to the potential of the raw-vegan diet. I do believe that a balanced 100% raw-vegan organic diet could help ease much of the suffering of mankind, from wiping out illness, disease and much of our aches and pains to making us a more peaceful, harmonious and happy people. Many of our environmental issues would also be substantially and positively impacted by the world going raw.

However I do not believe that a 100% raw-vegan organic diet is the right diet for everyone today. There are a huge number of variables that account for this.

For most people, the diet simply isn’t doable because of family, work, and social reasons. Eating a raw diet in our society can be like swimming upstream.

Many people have difficulty digesting raw foods, either because of sugar-sensitivities that prevent them from eating fruit, or because of difficulty digesting fats, or due to the need for more protein than a typical raw vegan diet provides.

There are also factors that relate to belief systems. If one does not believe that the raw-vegan diet is healthy, and one believes that animal products are necessary for health, then those beliefs play a part in the outcome of ones health on the raw diet as well as ones ability to stick with the raw diet.

Location is a big factor, as it is not always possible to access enough fresh foods year-round in all parts of the world. Budget is also a factor, as organic food is expensive.

And psychology is a huge factor. If one feels deprived on a raw-vegan diet, then the diet is not going to be healthy for you emotionally. If one feels alienated, weird, or if one feels one is being difficult or a burden on others by eating a special diet, then ones emotional health can suffer.

So, there are a lot of factors that have to line up in order to really thrive on a 100% raw-vegan organic diet long-term.

And even if everything lines up perfectly, there are many pitfalls that await the successful raw-vegan, from expensive supplements which can block absorption of higher-quality vitamins and minerals in foods to raw cacao which can deplete your adrenal glands over time; from extreme cleanses and restrictive raw diets which eliminate entire raw-vegan food groups or macro-nutrients to “superfoods” and dehydrated raw packaged foods which can wipe out your wallet and throw off your body’s hydration.

Then there’s boredom with ones repertoire of recipes, temptations all around, and the emotional ups and downs of life that may upset our wagon and have us running again to our food addictions and/or compulsive overeating, stress-eating and emotional eating.

So, in my humble opinion, far be it for anyone to judge another’s way of eating. We are all complex beings living complex lives and our food choices are, and should be, entirely personal. Only we can know what is right for us at a particular time in our life, based on our own particular beliefs, individual lifestyles and our unique needs and goals.

I will be writing more about overcoming each of the above challenges of going raw and staying raw in upcoming Daily Raw Inspiration newsletter posts.

In Joy!

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5 Responses to One Diet Does Not Fit All

  1. Caroline says:

    Thanks for this. It is encouraging. Please write more on this topic and why the craving for cooked food when one is sick.

  2. Brenon Duff says:

    I’ve eaten all raw vegan 10 yrs, and used to think it was for everyone. But I have observed a lot, as a home health aide and with many friends and acquaintances. I now realize it just won’t work for very many people. Your analisys is very good.

  3. Sasha says:

    Hi Jinjee,

    Thank you for such a compassionate post. I am currently eating 80% raw, and it can be really difficult, especially in social situations. I find that the raw diet requires a lot of acceptance of your self in your journey to better health, unharmed animals, and a cared for planet.

    Thank you for your daily inspiration.


  4. Susan Milliron says:

    I want to participate in the 21 day cleanse this time around. How do I log in as an alumni of the program? Thanks, Susan

    • Jinjee says:

      Hi Susan,
      As an alumni member you are still on our 21 Day Cleanse mailing list so you will receive an invite via email tomorrow, and thereafter on the Friday before each program starts.
      Email me if you have any other questions!

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