On not giving up…

flowersI find that not giving up is a habit that takes persistence. It sounds redundant because I’m basically saying not giving up takes not giving up. It’s true. But there are so many layers to this that it’s easy to forget. Especially in the midst of struggle.

For instance, you may be trying to lose weight by establishing a regular workout habit or a new dietary lifestyle. Maybe you have tried and failed numerous times. Maybe sometimes you don’t even feel like trying anymore. Maybe you’ve given up on yourself. It can be a long uphill battle, so that’s natural to feel that way sometimes. Maybe you think that because you have never succeeded before that you will never succeed in the future either. This is the crucial time to not give up. If even one part of you has given up, if you can keep going somehow with some part of yourself, that is enough.

For instance if you aren’t able to eat right but you can manage to exercise, load up on the exercise for now. Maybe you are feeling sedentary but you can manage to do some inner work; do it! You can make progress in one area and at some point it starts to spill over into other areas!

Suddenly a breakthrough happens . And it is because you didn’t give up. It was worth it, all those tries and failed attempts. Sometimes that’s what it takes. Some mountains are really high. You might think they’re not. But they are. We don’t really know how much effort it is going to take to make a breakthrough until we get there. And only when you get there do you realize that it was your work, your persistence, your attempts, your false starts, your failures, and especially your determination to not give up that got you there.

So stay positive, celebrate every little victory, notice and give yourself credit for all of the trying and struggling and all of the efforts that you are making.

I felt a breakthrough this past week; I’d been praying more and that usually triggers needed breakthroughs for me. Then today I was standing there brushing my hair and I thought of putting on a video while I was brushing, as has been my habit lately. And I suddenly realized I didn’t want to put on a video. I was perfectly comfortable just being in my own head. That was real proof for me that I’ve made a shift in my consciousness, and of what was the problem before; I had been in a stressed out headspace that made being in my own head uncomfortable and something to be avoided, hence the video watching.

Progress can happen bit by bit over time, almost un-noticeably, so stop and take stock of your journey from time to time. Or progress can happen all at once in the form of a breakthrough – whether it’s a breakthrough in consciousness, attitude, or energy.

So develop the habit of not giving up! Keep a little flame of hope, faith or trust alive and it will light a path through the worst of times.

In Joy!

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2 Responses to On not giving up…

  1. Jean says:

    Interesting concept, how about those folks that don’t see any little victories? How do they keep going because it never seems to get better….

  2. Kaylene Peters says:

    Thanks, I support you and appreciate all inspiration as I face some challenges. Right now, I am in an alternative program locally, but I will be checking distance programs to handle prediabetes when I finish.

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