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Raw PizzaInteresting discovery: Storm made a meal for some non-raw guests tonight. It was absolutely delicious. But I found myself snacking on some almond butter and honey shortly after dinner even though I wasn’t hungry.

Then I sat and thought “the only problem with food as good as tonight’s is that it makes me want to eat and eat and eat”.

Shortly thereafter I remembered that Storm had put brewer’s yeast in the bok choy salad. I knew that brewer’s yeast can make me moody as it has a sort of MSG, but I didn’t realize before that it can also trigger my food addictions / compulsive overeating behaviors.

Lately I’ve been eating 100% fresh-raw foods with no borderline foods like yeast, cacao, etc… And I have not had any desire to overeat. I’ve been satisfied with very little food. This is what it is like to eat only non-addictive food! It is like freedom.

And just that one little bit of addictive food, and that freedom is gone! One is chained to ones appetites again. And there are so many of these addictive foods all around.

Chemicals/toxins are addictive. Anything cooked has chemicals that form from heat. All packaged food and restaurant food has some type of flavor enhancer chemical and/or chemical preservative. Dairy has natural opiates.

And on the raw front; yeast, miso, soy, and liquid aminos all have MSG. Raw cacao has highly addictive toxins. Most raw packaged foods have one or more of the addictive MSG-like items listed above in them.

Food addiction seems like such a complex issue, yet all one may have to do to become un-addicted is to eat simply unheated fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and the addiction quickly fades.

Imagine being free of the desire to overeat, or the desire to eat things that you know harm you! As frightening as it is how easily we can become addicted, is is just as exciting how easily we can become free of addiction.

In Joy!

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9 Responses to Non-Addictive Food

  1. saragrace says:

    Thank you all for your comments! I agree with the thoughts and experiences I hear here. Unfortunately, I have not found the perfect raw food plan for myself. I have a number of health issues that are very much effected by the food I eat and I do find some foods highly addictive and believe cooked food is for me. I am a vegan and I eat a lot of veggies, but, I have been eating them steamed or sauted, with either a rice or buckwheat and coconut oil. I also use ground flax and chia seed. If I don’t have a grain, I will have soaked nuts, seeds or make a sauce with a nut/seed butter.
    I want to go back to 100% raw, but, can’t seem to get off this cooked food regime.
    I have been doing basically 1 meal cooked and 2 meals fruit and salad.
    I also know 100% organic is the way I should go, but, I am on a limited income.
    I love fruit and that is the only sweet food I eat, but, I continually am plagued by
    “sweet” cravings. I have systemic fungul and yeast challenges which I have been dealing with for years! It prevades my whole body and have dealt with a lot of toxic mold in housing. I believe I should have a sweet and fruit free diet….but, I am concerned that will lead too to much fat! and too much protien which my body has a hard time assimulating… I know if I could get back to 100% raw on the right food plan, I would do OK…..getting off the addictive cooked food is my challenge…..and I agree the condements and specialty foods are a big no no for me….!!!!
    Thanks for “listening.” Would love to get feedback, but, maybe that is not done here.
    I am wondering if anyone has had the same experience? If so, you could e-mail me at

  2. Leilani says:

    I completely agree! I’ve been eating raw fruits for breakfast and lunch and raw veggies for dinner. A few dates an nuts. It has only taken a week to look at and even smell cooked food that I normally would eat, and not even be a little tempted! I just eat a banana! I feel really free. I’ve been vegan for three years now. I felt so great when I became vegan. And now I feel even better going raw. When I hear my other “healthy eaters” friends talk about their health problems, I wish I could show them how great raw is. But we all do what we can when we are ready. I’ve been dabbling in raw for six months, and I feel like I may be ready for the change. I’m soooo excited! Thanks for your inspiration! Please keep up the good work. Many good thoughts I send your way!

  3. Jade says:

    So true…we forget why the human race eats the way they do, but sometimes those same survival mechanisms which were so helpful to us in the first place are harmful thousands of years down the road when our race is working to fight heart disease and other bodily dis-eases!

  4. Debra says:

    I had no idea! I had been perfect, not tempted to eat non-raw foods at all…until I started my little juice place/raw food joint here in town.
    I started out making just juice for people, then started making some raw desserts, and now I’m making some savory raw dishes, so I’m using cacao, shoyu and nutritional yeast. Of course I sample everything.
    Lately I’ve gone back to eating some (vegan) processed foods, and doing some binge eating. I always feel 100% good, but now I’ve been feeling like crap…bloated, tired…just disgusting.
    Thanks for the info!

  5. LaurelG says:

    I read this post and it seems to make sense in theory but it also brings up a question for me.
    I was 100% raw for 4 months in the spring/summer of 2011. I ate very simply, just fruits, veggies and some nuts and seeds. I lost 40 pounds and actually started to look too thin. As i did get used to the food and felt quote well emotionally, i didn’t feel physically. I was lightheaded, dizzy and tired. My blood sugar was a roller coaster and my blood pressure was really low. I always hear of people not needing much raw food but I felt like I was always hungry. I started struggling with overeating again because I felt so weak and kept thinking I needed more food. I will say that I was not eating 100% organic, probably 60%. Have you had any experience with these symptoms?

  6. Caroline says:

    This is great info

  7. This is my favorite post I’ve read on your blog thus far. You are SO right. I feel exactly the same way. I have been struggling to be raw for over a year now and during the time I’m successful, it’s because I eat simple meals (often mono-meals) or simple 2-3 ingredient green smoothies (or juices). It seems I must avoid nutritional yeast, cacao, miso, tamari – all of that – along with dehydrated and dense foods —and if I don’t, I can’t stay raw. When I’m successful at raw, I eat very little and feel very satisfied. Sometimes it actually startles me how very little I need to eat for a meal – like half of a crisp, red bell pepper and maybe a couple of bites of marinated raw broccoli – and I’m done. Thank you for this post. It helps to see that not all raw foodists need to eat complex foods and recipes that, for me, throw me off the raw diet.

  8. David says:

    Jinjee; I agree with you100% unless you prepare the food who knows what is put in the food. Keep up the Great work that you and Storm do!

  9. Mary Mary says:

    Beautifully put

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