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April 2013: Shale, 12 — Adagio (Dag), 8 — Jinjee, 45 — Storm, 63 — Yarrow, 5

Everyone is 100% raw at this time. Shale, Dag, and Yarrow have never eaten cooked food. Storm has been raw for 41 years.

I have been back on 100% raw for about a month and I’m loving it. I first went raw 19 years ago, and have spent about half that time 100% raw. The other half I’ve experimented with “high raw” / 75%+ raw.

I think I’m done experimenting. It has become clearly obvious at my age that a 100% raw diet is anti-aging, rejuvenating, and necessary for me to maintain the energy I need to keep up with life.

I also do have to get my greens and exercise every day. I love how growing up (I don’t feel old enough to say “getting older” yet without sounding ridiculous) makes these things so crystal clear!

In Joy!

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2 Responses to New Photos

  1. Susan Levanduski says:

    Brenda – as long as you’re not eating oil, too many nuts or too much avocado, the weight will drop off. Try calculating your calories on a typical day, if you’re eating more than 1200-1600 cut back on the fat (oil, nuts, avocado). Also make sure you’re eating a lot of veggies. Raw leafy greens will absolutely nourish you so much that you won’t feel hungry. I make a lot of green smoothies, using a LOT of raw spinach, and try to eat a big salad every day using a little avocado mashed up with any kind of fruit for the dressing. I have lost about 65 lbs so far, and I am older, with a thyroid problem and diabetes. So if I can do it anyone can. Also, you have to walk or do cardio and some weights if you want it to come off at a decent rate.

  2. brenda says:

    I have been raw for one month unable to loose weight. I need help.

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