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My son Jome holding grapes

We just put up our Natural Paradigms Channel! We’re so excited! It is an online channel for video downloads about new and natural paradigms in health, technology, alternative fuel, education and other subjects we’re interested in. We want it to be like a Disney of the new millenium, to really establish a brand associated with high qualtiy on a new level.

We think the language is important. Calling it a channel will help make the leap to thinking of this like a TV or cable station. The only difference is it is online so you can download the shows any time and have a much bigger selection of shows to watch at any time. The first thing we’re offering is our film “Breakthrough” as a download! Amazingly the technology is here now to enable this! It is the podcast or .m4v format, a type of quicktime movie. High quality. 550 MB for the whole feature length film. 1 hr 39 minutes. And it takes about two hours to download. We’re working on a slew of new productions and having a lot of fun filming every day! Here is a photo of a shoot we did yesterday for a piece about our family fencing. Storm shot it in front of the green screen and made the house in Maya. Isn’t he cool! :) Oh, and we went for our first fencing lesson as a family today in Santa Barbara. Storm has been fencing for years and is amazing at it. He beats olympic level fencers. Jome and Raven went with him last week for their first lesson and this was my first lesson. It was really fun! And such a great workout!! Very aerobic and like ballet in the sense that you have to move your feet and arms a certain way and there are positions. I like the discipline of it for the kids. They need something structured like that at this point! We are running wild so much of the time since they un-school!

Our Family wearing fencing gear

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