My "Why"

Why I want to be 100% RAW

Jinjee, 45 yr old Raw Mom of 5, on 21 Day Raw Cleanse

Every day I read my “Why I want to be 100% Raw” even if my reptilian brain really knows for sure it never wants to be 100% raw at all ever again; and even if I’m solid on the rock like right now and never feel like I will ever eat cooked food again no matter what.

I think if you have a goal, and it is a something you really believe in, and it comes from the best part of you, it helps to write it down and read it daily. Because life is ever-changing and we are ever-changing, and sometimes we forget our dreams and need to be reminded.

Anyway, here is my “Why”….

Why I want to / choose to be 100% Raw

I do not crave cooked foods when I’m 100% raw
I enjoy my food much more when I’m 100% raw
I enjoy being in my body much more when I’m 100% raw
I enjoy my emotional life much more when I’m 100% raw
Raw foods are delicious
I do not like pain
My teeth feel better
My eyes improve
My hair looks better
My skin looks better
My skin looks younger
I am more patient with my kids
I am more present for my kids
My emotions are more balanced
My thinking is more creative
The real me can shine
I feel more connected with nature
I can connect with my sanctuary within
I have more energy
I am so much more functional
I accomplish so much more
I get to do my mission in life
I can help change the world
My children’s future will be brighter
I will live longer
I will be more useful to my family
I don’t waste as much time
I can delay hormonal changes
I can exercise more
I can enjoy eating for longer
I can eat more
I get to help people
I can help prevent unnecessary suffering
It is easier than being high-raw (for me)

I do change my “why” list sometimes; adding to it and refining it.

These are all true things that I have experienced, rather than affirmations. And the more I program these thoughts in to my head the more likely I am to remember these experiences and want to get back to them.

Would you like to see if the 100% raw vegan diet would make a difference for you? The 21 Day Raw Cleanse is a wonderful way to check it out, and it starts on Monday! But if you want to participate this go-round, sign up here today so you have time to get your grocery shopping done.

In Joy!

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