My Soothing Connection Menu Plan

Raw Empowerment ProgramI am ready to make a change in my raw diet, focusing on my own needs instead of eating whatever works best for the whole family. So, I am using the Raw Empowerment Program to design a new RAW menu plan for myself!

This might mean preparing an extra meal at times or having them eat what I choose, but I have discovered through EBT (Emotional Brain Training) that I eat for Soothing and for Connection with Myself, and so to avoid going to undesirable foods for these, I am going to structure my menu plan to support me in re-wiring that brain circuit.

So, I have designed a new “System” for myself called “My Soothing Connection Menu Plan” and it goes like this:

Breakfast: OJ or fruit
Mid-Morning Snack: Green Smoothie
Lunch: Big Salad
Afternoon Snack: Fruit
Dinner: Veg/Nut Based Recipe
Dessert: Herbal Tea

The Garden Diet

The plan is designed for maximum pleasure with plenty of comfort foods. The fruit breakfast will help me to cleanse. The Green Smoothie will continue the cleanse while keeping me satisfied through the morning. The Big Salad will ensure that I don’t have any deficiencies so I will have no cravings for undesirable foods. The fruit snack will help me through the afternoon. The Veg/Nut Based Recipe for dinner is an indulgence and comfort as this is a difficult time of day for me. And

If you’d like to follow this plan along with me starting on Monday, join the Raw Empowerment Program and you can choose recipes from the REP Recipes in the Categories above to try out your own version of this menu plan. You can sign up and start any time, and you can switch between different menu plans to try them all and find out what works best for you.

The REP has over 150 Garden Diet Recipes arranged by category to punch into these four different Systems we created to address the most common dietary needs:

1. REP Weight Loss System
2. REP Protein Packed System
3. REP Low Sugar System
4. REP Balanced Raw System
(and now my Soothing Connection Raw System)

Each of the first four above Systems also come with a 1-week menu plan. These are all part of the REP, however the Menu Plans for the above Systems can be purchased individually also. The benefits to getting the whole REP is the Weekly Support emails, Monthly Recipes, Teleclasses, Support Forum and Chats. The REP is a Membership program with 12 months of support that you can extend afterwards for as long as you like for a small monthly fee. For more about the full REP visit us as or for the Individual Menu Plans see:

The Garden Diet

The 4 REP Systems are made from various combinations of the below Categories. My Soothing Connection Menu Plan is a new addition that anyone on the REP can now use if they are having trouble staying raw.

Additional Systems…. I am available to help you to craft a unique REP System for your needs to help you use the program more efficiently. Email me for more information at

The REP Categories are as follows:

Group A – Fruit Recipes
Group B – Veggie Based Recipes
Group C – Veg/Nut/Seed Based Recipes (also grains, legumes)
Group D – Nut Based Recipes
Group E – Big Salad Recipes
Group F – Big Salad Recipes with Low-Sugar Dressings
Group G – Nut Milk Recipes
Group H – Unsweetened Seed Milk Recipes
Group I – Green Smoothie Recipes
Group J – Green Juice Recipes
Group K – Veggie Snacks
Group L – Nuts & Seaweed Snacks
Group M – Seeds & Seaweed Snacks
Group N – Mono Fruit Snacks
Group O – Desserts
Group P – Teas
Group Q – Snacks

Some of the recipes in the Categories above that you will learn to make on the Raw Empowerment Program are…..

Peppermint Mac Nut Tea, Almond Bread, Cheesy Kale Salad, Avocado Nutwich, Perfect Pesto, Herbed Cashew Cream, Mac Nut Mayo, Falafels, Dolmas, Tabouli, Humus, Dill Pckles, Chilli Rellenos, Bok Choy Slaw, Pizza, Burgers, Sub Sandwiches, Kelp Spagehetti, Fruit Smoothies, Green Smoothies, Vegetable Juices, Citrus Juices, Salads, Salad dressings, Snacks, Desserts, Pies, Amazing Fruit Salads, Rawkin Raspberry Torte, Salsa, Mango Salsa, Guacamole, Tostadas, Celery Soup, Lightful Lasagna, Padh Thai Noodles, Wraps, Seed Milks, Nut Milks, Creamed Parsley Salad, Oat Grain Rice, Cereal, Raw Cookie Dough, Dandelion-Mint Green Smoothie, Herbal Teas, Celery Root Pilaf, Chick-Pea Pilaf, Cashew Sour Cream, Ambrosia, etc….

Join me starting Monday for an exciting journey to the next level of vibrant health!

In Joy!

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  1. meena grover says:

    please mail me the recipies .i really wanted 2 to go raw but i dont have recipies .how can i get them free

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