My Raw Tribe

I did this exercise using Seth Godin’s “Tribes” concept because you have to know who you are talking to in order to really understand and improve your business. 

I did not intend to share this, so it is kind of personal, but perhaps worth sharing…

As I see it, My Raw Tribe are people like me…

– struggling with food issues

– struggling to stay raw

– have had good experiences with raw food but

– not sure if 100% raw is the ultimate answer for everyone

– investigating raw and high raw and balance

– believe that not one diet fits all

– is anti-chemical

– believes that what you believe makes a difference in your experience

– believes in positive thinking

– is on a journey of emotional and physical healing

– healing the body through the emotions

– healing the emotions through the body

– healing the body through the body

– healing the emotions through the emotions

– because it is all one

– it is the same journey


Whether or not any of the above fits you, if you feel like you are my raw tribe, I would like to know more about you…

Let us know a bit about you by adding your comments below…

In Joy!

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34 Responses to My Raw Tribe

  1. Marie Nadine says:

    Jah love Jinjee. I am certainly and happy to be of your tribe. I was a vegan for almost 20 years before I decided raw.vegan. I was espero ncing a lot.of stress and the cooked foods were making me sick. And ai had really good results from doing juice feasts periodically. I found you around 2006 or so and I loved you and your family. I fot this really lovely vibe from you all. Anyway, I do plan to enroll in your program once I get the miney. For two.years I sruggled with gourmwt raw and plain raw vegan. The gourmet is too high fat qnd expensive and it caused me to get sick with oms irritability low energy bloatedness and break outs. So, I to do the 80/10/10 but that twnds to overemphasize fruits. Too many peiple are getting deficient with 80/10/10 and folks are finding that they need more nuts for minerals and so.forth. I became homeless a few months ago and my iron levels were low. So I had to take.irnn supplements and that eating bagels and.hummus. I am in NYC so they are in abundance That’s the only cooked stuff that I can eat. I don’t.crave anything else. I stay weeks and days without.eating bagels.but when my money gets low and.I cannot buy all the produce and I have the cravings I hope.and.pray that my housing situation is resolved.soon and.I find a place where.I can prepare my meals. I can stay hungry.for some.time and that fully raw vegan. These.past few months have been pure hell and I thank you for your support cuz.your blog posts I am so looking forward to working with, you through your program. Blessed love.

  2. I am a member of your tribe. I often say “I am 100% raw 95% of the time.” I am the only member of my family – one husband, seven children, three grandchildren – that includes a high amount of raw in my diet. Like you, I realize my body is continually changing, and so I adjust my diet to offer it the best I can. I raise my own food to the best of my abilities living along the Minnesota/Iowa border. I try to practice organic and biodynamic methods. Living in an area surrounded by GMO corn and soybean farmers, as well as hog confinements, this proves to be quite a challenge, but I know that as I do my best, I will be blessed for this. I’m also called that “crazy weed lady”, because I’m often seen either in my yard or in the local parks picking the wild edibles I find.

    I must be a member of your tribe since I have been following you practically since the beginning. I enjoy seeing how you, Storm, and the rest of your family have metamorphasized into the living family you are now.

  3. Anna says:

    Yes, I would like to wear a feather from the big chief’s headdress from this tribe! You called me out to a “T”. My heart and body say raw is best. I have seen the results and felt the results. It agrees with me. I cook for my family and have tasted too many things which through me out of the tribal wagon quickly. Guilt gets to me and so does my inner demon and I give up on myself. I am a strong lively woman who has the right to live a life of light and inner peace. But I need a tribe to help me fight my battles! I love you Jinjee. This post made me smile.

  4. Angela says:

    I have been vegan since 2009. I went raw vegan from 2009 to 2010 and fell off the band wagon severely by consuming cooked vegan foods interspersed with 1 or 2 week efforts of attempting to be raw vegan before falling under the band wagon, falling in front of the band wagon, falling off the back of the band wagon, etc, etc, etc, until December 2013. I have been raw for about a month now and my energy is great, I have lost a little weight and not much is out of the ordinary….except…to my PLEASANT surprise:-)…my cycle is gone.

    I have already taken a urine and a blood based pregnancy test so that is not the reason ( wasn’t ready for the $800/mth daycare expense, yet LOL!).

    Nor menopause…still rather young… and there aren’t any other abnormalities per the doctors I have gone to.

    Just wondering if this is normal?

    In the meantime, have been celebrating the cost savings…I mean I easily spend an average of $15/mth on the feminine hygeine products for this 12 times a year event and being able to wear my lingerie full time as opposed to 75% of the time. I am not craving…well more like jones-ing or fiending for…. vegan Mexican food nor am I collapsing from my energy being….literally…drained out of me.

    Yet, despite all of my celebration, I am mildly concerned that this may be a sign that I am missing nutrients or something is not right.

    Do you have any insight?

    Thanks :-)

  5. GT says:

    I came down with ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ (CFS) about 25 years ago. (I was 27, I am now 55) CFS is all about the immune system going wacky, so there r a range of symptoms that go along with that. Along with suffering very intense exhaustion & fatigue, after performing minor activities, the 1rst 10 years of the illness, (& not being able 2 get a diagnosis from Drs. the 1rst 10 years, either), I also experienced things like a chronic dry cough, heart fibrillations, dizziness, strange headaches behind my eyes, light sensitivity, joint pain & fibromyalgia, hair loss, the onset of numerous allergic reactions 2 many things in the environment, & began 2 also suffer from major chronic digestive problems. While the extreme fatigue got better after about 10 years, other issues have persisted, some worsening. The digestive issues r 1 of the things that has worsened. Sum food addictions had 2 b given up entirely, in the beginning, such as coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate, & carbonated beverages. It took me awhile 2 figure out these were ‘target foods’, 4 me, but eventually was able 2 narrow down which things in my diet were causing problems, via the process of elimination. I was a coffee/caffeine addict, @ the time, however, being a single Mom of 4, who had a hard time getting started in the morning, without that CAFFEINE, so that was a hard habit 2 give up, & I relapsed numerous times, over the years, which subsequently caused my digestive system 2 SHUT DOWN, numerous times… Literally had 2 eat nothing but yogurt 4 an entire year, on 2 different occasions, & 4 shorter periods, on numerous other occasions, b4 my digestive system healed enuf 2 start eating normally again. (as long as I avoided the ‘target foods’ I knew wud set things off again.) I noticed when I started introducing regular foods back in2 my diet, starting off with raw veggies & fruits worked best, & I also started doing a lot of research on diet & digestion, during that time, trying 2 understand what was happening 2 me, & why, so I was beginning 2 educate myself on alternative diets. (tho I was already in2 whole foods, organic foods, & natural remedies, when all this started.) 1 thing I also came 2 understand, was Drs. were not much help. They did Xrays & endoscopies & blood tests, & cudnt discover the cause of my symptoms. Most were also not well versed enuf on CFS, 2 comprehend my symptoms were related 2 that illness, & the associated immune dysfunctions, tho I was personally learning about it, thru my own private research. They gave me ulcer medications, when I didnt have ulcers, & thats all they cud do 4 me. They assured me eating nothing but yogurt much of the time, was ‘perfectly healthy’, but advised I shud add a bit of granola 4 added nutrition! (I wudnt have been able 2 digest the granola, when my digestive system was ‘in meltdown’, which is how I like 2 describe it….) Since I cudnt swallow pills, due 2 an inflamed throat from the respiratory allergies, I chewed the ulcer meds & soon discovered they were all about NUMBING, since my whole mouth wud go numb when I chewed them! So I realized all they did was numb me 4 awhile, so I’d get a false sense things were ‘getting better’, & start eating normally, when my body wasnt ready 4 it, & end up damaging myself more! I gave up on the pills, once I realized that, & went back 2 diet control. Began 2 understand I was better off without meat, tried 2 go vegetarian a few times, but the rest of the family cudnt relate, so found that difficult 2 maintain. Was getting by, just reverting 2 the strict yogurt diet, whenver I had trubles, limiting red meat intake, & avoiding target foods, till about 10 years ago, when things got worse. The methods that had kept me going, thru 20 years of digestive malfunction, gradually stopped working!! What was I going 2 do?? That was when I discovered the Raw Diet, (via divine intervention, as far as Im concerned.) & that is what is currently SAVING me, tho I’m not 100% Raw yet, mainly just due 2 willpower issues, & because I’m still learning HOW 2 b 100% raw, without being malnourished. (also have sum food budget issues, since I’m subsisting on a very meager disability allowance. Probly spending an average of about $300 per month, on food) But I have no doubt whatsoever, this is what my body needs, since the ONLY time my digestive system is pain & inflammation free, is when I stick with 100% Raw. So that’s my kinda ‘long story’ about how I came 2 appreciate the ‘Raw’ lifestyle… Its really more about SURVIVAL, than CHOICE, in my case! Nobody has 2 sell me on this, the results r very obvious 2 me. I wonder sumtimes tho, if I wud still stick with it, if my digestive system healed, & I no longer NEEDED it? I dont know, sumtimes a little cooked food might b nice, being able 2 share in what others eat @ family gatherings, not having 2 WORRY about it so much, but the more I go in2 it, the more it seems like it wud b a shame, 2 go back 2 old ways, after coming so far, & learning so much. 1 of the worst aspects 4 me, has been estrangement from family members, who cant quite relate. Being labeled sum kind of ‘weirdo’ 4 being ‘different’. But its become a learning process 4 them 2, as they see me going thru this, & r introduced 2 sum new things, themselves. I have a daughter who also suffers from chronic digestive problems, Im hoping she’ll eventually accept the Raw Lifestyle as a path 2 healing also, tho she’s still kinda resisting the idea…

  6. Leslie says:

    I am in agreement with most of your stated points, Jinjee. I would like to add that I am challenged with incorporating the variety of foods that may be needed to maintain a healthy balance with raw foods. I am also not sure if that is possible while adhering to a strict 100% raw foods diet.

  7. Sabrina says:

    Your list is a list that looks like ones I have written in the past. To it, for me, I would add parts of my life and day that include homeschooling and our style of attachment parenting. I often feel unsure if what I am doing and feeding my kids is the best for them as well as what I feed myself is best. I am high raw and get caught up in what is best, high raw, all raw, low fat high fat, lots of fruit, low fruit, etc., etc. this is a journey. I am glad to have others out there thinking similar thoughts and asking good questions.

  8. Betsy says:

    Several of the Raw Tribe descriptors fit me:

    – not sure if 100% raw is the ultimate answer for everyone

    – investigating raw and high raw and balance

    – believe that not one diet fits all

    – is anti-chemical

    – believes that what you believe makes a difference in your experience

    – believes in positive thinking

    Like Dolphin, I’ve followed you and Storm since I discovered raw food in 2007. I have several of your e-books and really like your ethos (real food, no dehydrator necessary, emphasis on exercise, and I really like it that you do not sell expensive supplements and superfoods). I have used your recipes for years.

    I am not 100% raw because that isn’t something I aspire to. It is quite possible to be really healthy on a diet that includes many raw foods but is not limited to only raw foods. I’m 57 years old, am at a very good weight for my height, have no real health problems and take no pharmaceutical drugs. I credit my lifestyle, especially the way I eat, for that. Thanks again for your eating plans and recipes–these have definitely played a role in my overall well-being.

  9. John Koenigshof says:

    I have found that if you want to be 100% raw vegan then you need to be around or hang out with other people that are 100% raw vegan. In other words if you are trying to be 100% raw vegan but are mostly around SAD food people or hanging with SAD food people a lot then you will become more like them. I know it is hard because the bulk of the population is of SAD food back ground.

    Try to associate the best you can mostly raw vegans and you will do a lot better. It is hard to eat a double cheese burger in front of some that you know is 100% positively raw vegan. See what I mean??? It works if you work it. Also, reading little articles about the advantages of being raw vegan each day will trigger your mind to want to stay away form SAD food.

    These things have helped me in the past with my addictions for SAD food.

    Have a blessed day,

    John K.

  10. Haley says:

    Jinjee you have been apart of my family’s life for years! I remember buying one of the books and printing the entire things so that I could read it to my sister. I love following your beautiful children’s journey. My daughter is 5 and LOVES Raw! During the winter here in Toronto, it gets soooo COLD and we indulge in cooked foods. I know come spring it will be easier to return to Raw. Thank you for your consistent encouragement, it means the world to me. Any hints for raw in the winter?
    Much much gratitude
    Haley Tyagi

  11. Linda says:

    Jinjee, I am totally in your tribe! I am from Canada where we don’t eat a lot of raw food! but I live in Texas now and have a wider choice of fresh food making it much easier to experiment. I would love to attend one of your seminars in California sometime. I have been following your blog for years and have enjoyed hearing about your journey-the challenges, the successes and the honesty!

  12. Valerie says:

    I’ve struggled with food my entire life. Growing up as a child I was always hungry so now, as an adult I over compensate. I struggle with my weight and know without a doubt the raw food/juicing lifestyle is for me. I have a terrible sugar/oil/flour addiction which translates to cookies. I’ve been trying to do this juicing/raw food journey for the last 3 years and I’m slowly getting there. I hope to get over my addictions and also some emotional barriers this year and become at the least, 70% raw.

  13. Mandi Holt says:

    Loved your tribe list – so many of them spot on for me!In my heart I feel raw is the right may, but I am such a cheater! I’m now on a path to lose weight, be high raw, but not to worry if sometimes I have an egg or cooked veggies or bread. Something in me always rebels when I tell myself I can’t have something, so I’m trying to relax and trust that my body will naturally veer to raw the healthier I get. Thank you, Jinjee, for always being so personal, interesting and honest.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Me & my daughter identify with all those points. We have been stopping and starting over and over for quite some time. We have a pretty significant financial disadvantage but it seems it can still be workable somehow. My daughter says the failure comes from it not being affordable, “hunger”, and we also think the convenience of other foods makes it hard to stick with it.

  15. Ainura says:

    Thank you for your letters!
    I try to eat raw food because as i think it is natural human’s food.

  16. Nathanja says:

    dear Jinjee,

    i think this is almost 100% me! i would love to be 100% raw (or the idea of it) but i can’t seem to do it. on the other hand i am always trying my best for my family ( i’ve got 3 boys under 7). so i encourage myself to just do the best i can. and believe it or not i seem to be an influence in my friends lives too, which is amazing since i don’t see myself as an example.
    keep up the great work, Jinjee, especially being real about it all!
    much love from Africa!

  17. Shannon says:

    I’m definitely a part of your tribe Jinee! Thanks for the LOVE! I’m not sure where this journey will take me, but I pray it will be beautiful, fulfilling, and challenging enough to make the battle worthy. When Storm initially told me this will be the greatest battle of my life, I had no clue how right he would be. Although at this stage, I no longer think I have an option outside of the raw lifestyle. Let’s see where it goes. LOTS OF LOVE AND BIG HUGS!

  18. Dolphin says:

    I follow you and Storm. Another category for your tribe (which includes me) are those who are far from perfect and need to be able to ‘re-set’ from time to time. ;)

    Btw, my journey which includes The Garden Diet, set me on a path of healing and using food as medicine. I’m taking certification courses in these areas. It’s definitely ‘the way.’

  19. Denise says:


    Ah, yes! The Raw Foodist dilemma! I know it well! I went 100% raw for 2 years then opened a raw food cafe! I continued to eat only raw but stopped feeling really well. I stopped eating nuts and even tried 80-10-10… But didn’t feel well and was 80 pounds overweight! Everyone said “stay raw and you will lose weight” but it didn’t work for me. In 2012 I started to use HCG and eat small amounts of meat again and lost 48 pounds in 4 months, but it went against everything I believed in so I tried eating totally raw again and gained 10 pounds in a month. I wish I knew the answers! I eat mostly raw but I eat meat and eggs again once or twice a day. I’m not losing weight but. I’m also not gaining. I suspect the reason I wasn’t feeling good totally raw was because I wasn’t eating enough and I shut down my metabolism. I would like to be all raw again and hope it works for me one day.

    • jtadmin says:

      Who knows why these things happen. Your intuition may be right. But the important thing is to honor your experience and your body and find what works for you, without holding yourself to any particular dogma or system that works for others but not for your body. Maybe at some point you’ll feel the call to raw again and find a way in which it will work for you. Maybe raw is a part of the picture. And maybe 100% raw is for another time in your life. I’ll be interested to hear how it goes!

  20. Flora says:

    Yes Jinjee, with you on all counts!
    Love from Flora ( and Ben and young Opal) , New Orleans…

    • jtadmin says:

      So many resonate completely! I wonder if that is because I’ve had my mailing list for 12 years …. so the people who are still here after all these years are those who have the most in common with me. Also, we’ve grown together. I’ve learned so much from my tribe through feedback and questions and hearing your stories.

  21. Kim says:

    I love it that I do feel part of the Raw Tribe! Everything you mentioned I feel or have felt is part of who I am! Wow I love how you put it in words! Blessings , Kim

  22. Joe Ozer says:

    Thank you for being an inspiration.

  23. Laura Gonzalez says:

    I think they all fit me!
    I’m,what I consider, a raw vegan but struggle to stay on tract. My sister healed from pancreatic tumor through this lifestyle many years ago and that started my journey. I am a nurse so I see it from the scientific / medical view and no matter what view I use. it makes sense. My heart and soul is in spreading the news of the awesome capacity that our bodies and souls have for healing. I love what you do and have been following you for some time. Btw once my sister healed she became a doctor of naturology. We are both reiki masters and do public speaking spreading the word and spreading love. We also do seminars and some free lance writing. Sending hugs, light and love your way.

    • jtadmin says:

      Hi Laura,
      Thanks for your story!
      I like seeing how the medical scientific community and the raw diet are working together. There is a time and a place for each. Some people will never be able to make dietary changes and it is a good thing they have modern medicine. In fact, modern medicine was designed around people who would not change their diets. Now that people are becoming more interested in eating right, the medical community is beginning to respond. We have even had people find us because their doctor told them to look up the raw food diet!

  24. I have felt like you were part of my tribe since I ventured into raw food six years ago. Raw food wasn’t the right fit for my vata (cold & airy + very high metabolism) constitution, BUT I still believe everything you espouse and list on your tribal manifesto (all applicable to me except the first two). Yours is the only raw food email I still subscribe to after all these years, and I continue to be inspired by your journey and your spirit.

    Namaste & please keep spreading your light in the world!


    • jtadmin says:

      Interesting, I do have many subscribers who are not actually interested in raw any more but do appreciate the inspiration and apply it to their own path. That’s great!

  25. Ralph Clark says:


  26. Kathy says:

    I am so part of your Raw Tribe! I can resonate with each bullet point you mentioned, and the more people I talk to, the more comfortable I get with being where I am at in this journey. We all know that raw food is the ultimate food and healing system, but life is all about homeostasis; making a raw lifestyle work for you! Keep up these great emails, they help me so much as I’m sure they are helping so many people as well. Much gratitude! :)

  27. Lyma says:

    I would like to go all the way with raw foods, but some times i go back to cooked foods. I also like a lot of fruits but it raises my blood sugar. I am also out of the house a lot how can i stay raw when i am out. I need a little help.

    • jtadmin says:

      A lot of places make smoothies and juices. Health food stores. Jamba Juice. Even a lot of restaurants now. Also look for good salads and salad bars. Bring veggie sticks and cut fruit in baggies.

    • Constance White says:

      Was trying to get to Raw tribe. Just struggling to eat good food period. Struggling with emotions I live in ny and its cold as all out doors. Trying to eat good and be consistent is really challenging I have all of these food cravings. But when I eat something that I know is not good my body tells me right away. So what am I suppose to do.

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