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Sometimes when I’m feeling food insecurity or stress, it helps me greatly to have a plan for what I’m going to eat over the next few days. Here’s one I made the other day….

BREAKFAST – OJ or Melon Juice
LUNCH – Cantaloupe Milk
DINNER – Celery Root Pilaf -and- Soup
SNACKS -  Cashew Milk

BREAKFAST – OJ or Melon Juice
LUNCH – Sprout Salad
DINNER – Salsa and Cucumbers
SNACKS -  Mac Nut Milk Tea
DESERT – Strawberry Sushie

LUNCH – Cashew Cream and Cucumbers
DINNER – Salad
SNACKS – Fruit
DESERT – Fruit Ice Cream

BREAKFAST – Fruit Salad
LUNCH – Kelp Noodles
DINNER – Carrot/Beet/Ginger salad
SNACKS – Fruit from farmer’s market
DESERT – Almond Milk

When one is stressed and at ones most impulsive it is the hardest time to try to successfully plan what to eat next. By having a plan you can more easily get through the times of stress as you have one less thing to think about. You also have the meals on your plan to look forward to. Having a plan gives you a feeling of being in control which can greatly reduce your stress and therefore your impulsivity.

Making your own plan is the best, but if you need help getting started with a raw vegan menu plan, we have some great specials on our Go RAW menu plans / online programs below…

28 Days RAW
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The Low Carb RAW Menu Plan
For those who don’t do well with fruits and sweeteners like honey or agave, or even nuts, our Low-Carb Raw Menu gets you started with delicious, healing, satisfying recipes in a menu plan designed with your needs in mind. See third plan on this page:

The RAW Empowerment Program
Our advanced menu planning program features four menu plans for four types of needs. Choose yours and select from 130 of our recipes indexed into categories from which you pull from to create a unique menu plan designed around your goals and tailored to your lifestyle. Sign up at a major price cut today at


I live, move, and have my being in Unlimited Potential” – Michael Beckwith


In Joy!

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