My Diet is Not My Identity

Here is a letter from a reader with some very common problems people face when trying to go raw, and my response to her….

Hi there Jinjee,

I really need help!!!! I went raw a number of months ago because of my weight, and I’ve stayed raw up until about a few weeks ago but I recently was craving cooked whatnots. So I kept on saying to myself “ok ok tomorrow I will go back to eating just raw foods” but I just can’t seem to get out of this trap. Also my parents don’t really have enough money to buy LOTS of fruit and veg.

Tell me what you think of my little life story of trying to be healthy:0)



Hi Pim,

Your family situation is the one valid reason for not going raw that I know of. There is really nothing you can do in this situation without being rude, in my opinion. You might try leaving good raw books around or take your folks to events and hope that they get bitten by the raw bug.

You might meanwhile try to eat as much raw as you can, eat something raw with each meal, and eat the healthiest cooked foods you can, until you are able to purchase all your own food.

Regarding the cooked food addiction, we all have to find our own way out of that one. It seems we each have a unique path on this particular journey. Some things that are working for me recently in this same battle are:

1. Turn my back on my demons, metaphorically – Just don’t look at the cravings, the addiction. Focus on my happiness instead.

2. Don’t make my happiness based around the food. It doesn’t matter to God what I eat. It is a non-issue. My spiritual life, my emotional life, my goodness, are not based on me having to be perfect at a diet, are not based on what I eat.

It is very hard for me to think this way because for a long time I did create a reality in which I judged myself based on how raw I was. I can see that this no longer serves me. However, it did for a long time. That’s why I say it is a very individual journey.

Ironically however, when I let go of this need to be 100% raw, it actually makes it much easier to make healthy decisions and even to eat more raw. I know that by maintaining my happiness, my peaceful center, even in the throes of addictive behavior, it helps me to not buy in to that addictive behavior, to not “own” it, and to move more fluidly through it without getting stuck there.

I hope this makes any sense.


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In Joy!

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One Response to My Diet is Not My Identity

  1. Kim says:

    I just love your soul. And your journey. It helps me to take a step back and re-evaluate some of the bunny trails in my head. It’s great to hear how other people’s path has been carved out, so as to not give up in my own journey. Some times it’s just so dark, you know?

    Much love to you…

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