Mount up Sisters…

We’re under attack by Religious Extremist Republicans!



They want to overturn Roe v. Wade.

This means that they don’t want you to be able to have an abortion, even if your pregnancy is caused by rape or incest!

We all know women will go back to having abortions illegally, which often results in death or injury.

These Religious Extremists believe that the bible says life begins at conception. Show me where it says that in the bible!

The Urantia Book (a Christian religion for intellectuals) says that personality is bestowed at birth. (Not at conception).

So the kind of life that begins at conception is cellular, like an animal, or a virus. Even a cancer cell should be considered “life” in this case. Are you going to outlaw chemotherapy too?

If we are going to take “Thou shall not kill” and apply it to all life, not only should we first and foremost outlaw war but we certainly should not be allowed to slaughter or eat animals, or even plant life which is alive and can feel pain.

If killing in self-defense (or for survival) is the acceptable exception to the commandment “Thou shalt not kill”, then let’s look at why women get abortions.

#1.) Rape – Aborting the fetus of your rapist is self defense.

#2.) Finance – If you can’t afford a baby, aborting it is self defense /survival and it is also in defense of the child. If you have a baby you can’t afford, you need to defend yourself against extreme poverty and the stress that this would inflict, all of which would negatively impact the physical and mental health of both mother and child. (Most people can’t afford to be sick in the US).

At the very least, the government legislating forced childbirths should provide the mother with the education and childcare needed to get in a position in which she can afford the child. All costs and related costs which the mother can not afford should be covered.

If women in these states were provided with free healthcare that included contraception, many unwanted pregnancies could be prevented. While we’re at it, provide free counseling to women who want to get legal abortions, in the hopes that they can work through the shock and trauma and may decide to keep their child. If they knew they could have the financial help to support themselves while parenting an infant, that would probably decrease abortion numbers too.

#3.) Work – Most women are not provided with work-leave to have and care for a baby. They sacrifice their careers to have children. In our society, this is often not an option any more.

Some will argue that the fact is that these Religious Extremists actually believe that abortion is murder. Well, not everybody believes as they do. Live according to your beliefs, and let others live according to theirs. Keep church and state separate. Our founding fathers set America up like this so that we could be free. Free from being ruled by someone else’s belief system, or by fanatical religious leaders.

And in my humble opinion, these fanatics are not actually motivated by religion but by fear. They are simply scared of the power of women. Scared of what they are seeing happening; the impending demise of white male privilege. Scared of women in the workforce, and scared of women in government!

Speaking of beliefs, what about overpopulation and climate change. Some people believe that it is immoral to bring children into such an overpopulated, unstable, overheating world. You wouldn’t want them legislating your right to have children. And we don’t want you legislating our right to not.

They want to send us back to the kitchen!

Ain’t gonna happen!!!!








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