More on Raw Food, Anti-Aging, and Hormones…


I love this letter in response to the last Blog “anti-aging observations“…

Hi Jinjee,

I will be 61 in December. For mature gals, after menopause, the season of life that follows a ticking clock, will bring understandable change. Might I suggest to all of the ladies who are fortunate to live long enough to welcome this time of change, consider not just the outward physical beauty that naturally occurs with healthy living, but also nurture virtue that shows to the world, a fresh sparkle that is the emblem of an ageless beauty.

I know women that struggle with aging, so much that they appear desperate, taking desperate measures to retain a youthful appearance. This can be all consuming, and often only masking a hidden true beauty. The truth is that we will age, and outward beauty will fade. I would like to suggest for your readers to nurture habits that are healthy and display virtue, both treasures that will be remembered by generations to come.

Have you or your readers ever met an older woman and thought after your encounter, how truly beautiful she was? Was it her hair? Her face? Her figure? Or, was it something she said, the twinkle in her eyes, her gracefulness with how she dealt with people, perhaps the smile she freely gave, or the helpful counsel offered? You see, there is so much more that we can offer and leave for others to remember, besides a physical presentation. Let’s enjoy the challenge!

Staying as physically active as we can (for women of any age), is an important goal. I can work in my garden, shoveling, carrying loads, and stooping to harvest at ground level, better than many younger women. I know that this grunt work in the sun produces strength, and body renewal better then a lotion in a bottle. There are many moments in the garden that I am refreshed and can in turn can pass on that renewal to others. Some say that my complexion and hair is amazing. Maybe the results of fresh garden vegetables, a kiss from the sun, and a purge from the sweat of the brow. If the combination of all of this or some other venue of virtue is shared with a smile, what could be more beautiful?

Best to you Jinjee,


And here is Storm’s response to my Blog and the original question….

What’s happening to her body is this. By taking artificial hormones her body is doing a scan and seeing an abundance of the hormone present so it has stopped making that hormone.

This works really well for a little while then the body either rejects the artificial hormone or for whatever reason people stop taking it and then the body ages in fast-forward because the body has lost the ability to make that hormone.

The trick is to get a steady well-balanced raw vegan diet in place that one can do long-term. Then because of the vital nutrient density and the low toxins the building blocks are there to supply all of the glands with nutrients they need to naturally provide the body with the anti-aging hormones it needs.

Warm regards,

Would love to hear your opinions and ideas on this topic below!

In Joy!

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2 Responses to More on Raw Food, Anti-Aging, and Hormones…

  1. stacey says:

    Totally agree with all !
    Always know how young that age is, it is society that has made our minds controlled into thinking and believing 60 is older, 100 is normal and healthy in a lot of countries.
    Believe young x. Live vegan x love life x

  2. Chris says:

    Storm’s answer is brief and to the point! Bravo Storm.
    I’m in my 60’s and I say forget the twinkle in the eye and all the other empty words. You’re either healthy and well, or you’re not. If you can do heavy gardening – – and gardening is hard work, then good for you, you’re probably pretty healthy. Age is just a number. . . but when I look at many women much younger than me, I can tell you, they don’t know how to eat. Thirty years of being vegan and 10 years of being raw certainly has its benefits. I’m so glad I stayed with it.
    No matter our age, we should be able to do what we want to do, without question. The older I get. . . and wiser, the fewer things I find value in doing. Most are really unnecessary. Still, I fell well enough Every Day to do whatever I want. . and I have a clean and clear body and mind to make whatever decisions I need to make for myself. Going Vegan and Raw was the best decision I ever made. I highly recommend it. .

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