Monday Motivation – Your Own Truth – Oprah’s most inspiring talk ever!

oprah, motivation, inspiration, finding your calling, following your blissIt’s funny how I sometimes hear exactly what I need to hear when I most need to hear it!

Last night I stumbled upon this incredible talk that Oprah recently gave at UCLA for her SuperSoul Sessions. Wow! She has really unleashed a whole new level of motivational, inspiring message-giving, stepping into her full power as a spiritual teacher!

You know that I often write that nobody taught us how to think for ourselves, and how to trust our own feelings, thoughts and experiences! And that this is lamentable when people experience the healing power of raw foods but then stop eating this diet because some professional person told them it wasn’t good for them.

Well, this talk is that class that I wish we all had in childhood on how to listen to and trust ourselves! I’m so excited to have found this and to pass along this beautiful and empowering message to you!

I took copious notes so I will post those below along with the video for people who prefer to speed-read through those for the most pertinent points!

Here’s the Video: Best motivational talk ever!!! Oprah Winfrey: Your Own Truth

And here are my notes, basically transcription of Oprah’s exact words from the parts of the talk that had the most meaning for me…

Claim the essence of the phenomenon that is your life!

My life is phenomenal not because of what I have but because of whose I am (God’s). I am where I am because I know whose I am. and I know who and what holds the future (God).

How you know it’s time to move: You can feel the energy of your life pulling you in another direction.

Life is unfolding according to each of our truths.

You are creating your reality as you think and as you act upon those thoughts (every thought and action and feeling, all the time).

And the universe is constantly reflecting that reality back to us all the time.

My reality starts with my intention to do well, to be a force for good in the world…

And in return I get this phenomenal, forceful life where I’m constantly shown goodness and mercy.

The way to have this phenomenal life is to: Just be yourself

That’s what God wants. That’s what the Creator wants.

The goal: To become more of who you really are.

You want to grow in grace and become more of yourself. (because you are unique! You see your life through your prism. Your being here matters. Every single contribution that you have to make, the world has been waiting to experience from you…the very fact that you are HERE …on EARTH… is ENOUGH!!!! You don’t have anything else to prove.)

Your life and what you are meant to do IS special and DOES matter.

What can I do and what can I offer? The answer is: Your SELF.

My prayer is “Use me!”

The path to your truth is to ask God “How can I best serve and be used in the service of my highest good and the highest good of the planet. How can that happen?” –  The answer is: Being your true self. That’s the only requirement that actually matters.

This is the only thing I’m going to ask:

Stop wasting time!!!!  

You have a limited amount of time to do the good that you’ve come to do.

Understand what’s the truth of your life…. and get about the business of living it.

Leave here with that decision today. That I’m going to step into what is the truth of my life.

You know what it is because you really know what it isn’t.

If you aren’t living in your truth space, no matter what, live what is true for you. Just be yourself.

There’s a flow, a power, a stream, a vibrational field and frequency with your name on it.

Your real job is to find that flow and let it carry you to the next level and the next and the next. 

If you can’t figure out what’s going on, what’s wrong, you are out of flow and your #1 job is to get yourself back in flow.

“When your personality comes to serve the energy of your soul, that is authentic empowerment”. – Gary Zukav

Your job here on earth is to use your personality to serve the energy that is your soul. Your soul that’s going to go on forever.

How do you find your flow, your truth? Because it FEELS right! So you  move in the direction of what is the right thing to do, and you do the right thing, because that is moving in the direction of love, because love is what is gong to lift you to the highest possible vibration. Love. Harmony. Reverence for life.

What makes you feel alive is your truth!

What makes you come alive is your truth!

being able to understand what that is, is what allows you to do what every human being is here to do.

We are here to try to fulfill the truest, highest expression of ourselves as human beings.

I’m seeking what is the highest manifestation.

You cannot be all that you were meant to be unless you develop a spiritual practice.

You need a spiritual practice.

You cannot be all you were meant to be unless you are willing to give yourself some time to nurture the spirit of you! (the spirit that is you)

Beneath the surface of all things is the true thing. 

In all circumstances, look for the truth of what is REALLY happening.

Crisis will come. Ask it: what are you here to teach me?

It mitigates the loss. You get clarity about why this is happening.

Failure is just a red flag saying “wrong way”! Thank it. Let it show you the new direction.

If you don’t know what to do, do nothing. Get still. Until you do know. Because nobody knows but you! Only you know the path to your own truth. You always know the answer when you are willing to hear your own truth. And listen to your own truth.

You are the master of your fate

You are the captain of your soul

You are in the drivers’ seat

When you are following the path of truth, you can trust that you will be strong enough to stand in it. 

Why? Because your greatest power doesn’t come from you, it comes from The Power Source. That’s what meditating, praying, yoga, being in nature, being still, taking some time for yourself, does..It allows you to fill your tank, to go directly to the source of all energy, where you are sustained by the energy that comes from the Divine Source of all Things.

Go directly to the Divine Source of All Things. Surrender to that power, energy, forcefield, and you will live the truest dream for you. Surrender your fear. Let go. And Let God align with the spirit that is you, and you will experience the miracle, the phenomenal, majestic, graceful life that you are waiting to claim for yourself.

– Oprah


Thank you, Oprah! What a gift! To see the complete talk on video click here:

In Joy!

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