Mich Blogs about 21 Days Raw

The Garden Diet 21 Day Raw Cleanse

The Garden Diet 21 Day Raw Cleanse

I love reading Blogs about our Garden Diet Programs! On this new Blog, a young mother called Mich (featured at left) blogs her entire experience day-by-day while participating in The Garden Diet 21 Day Raw Cleanse!
Here is an excerpt from the beginning of Mich’s journey…
The Garden Diet 21 Day Raw Cleanse – Day 1
“So this is day 1 of the program! I started off behind the 8-ball as I had forgotten to shop for the program’s ingredients before the New Year’s weekend. As a result I woke up today with no oranges for breaky… I felt amazingly positive though, and happy, and solved that problem without a worry. I had a couple of cups of sun tea, popped the kids in the car and went shopping for the first few days’ ingredients. Came back and made that juice – mmmmmm! Now I feel abuzz with motivation and energy. My husband is not at work today and so I’m looking forward to a beautiful family day together. Bliss!”
“Well Day 1 has been lovely. I enjoyed the food – great recipes and quick and easy to prepare. Chop a bit of this, mash a bit of that – bingo!
I’ve already come up against what I think will be a challenge for me during this cleanse – the need to be organized because my days are often unpredictable! Today we unexpectedly stayed with my husband’s parents for dinner, and during the day were away from home longer than we initially anticipated. I am really glad that I had packed a bag of yummy fruit as well as the ingredients I needed to make my raw dinner. My in-laws are lovely about me preparing my own food – they’re used to me doing things that are a bit left-of-center (vegan, barefoot running) and are happy to go with the flow.
I loved exercise today. I’m generally quite active – at least I was before I had my daughter, and I’m just starting to get a little bit fit again now. I had a good brisk walk with the pram, then a paddle in a kayak. It was an easy day but it was nice just to be moving.
Whether it’s the raw food or just my excitement about finally beginning this cleanse, I felt an amazing energy while I was walking today. I was filled with light and happiness and felt as if I could float away. watching my son fly his kite I felt as if I was a kite myself – joyous, laughing in the breeze and snapping with energy. Hackneyed cliches filled my thoughts: ‘this is right for me right now’, ‘the time is now’, ‘I am me and the world is golden’, but as predictable as these cliches are, they are as true for me right now as they have ever been for anyone. Everything was racing – my mind was full but not frantic, my legs hummed with energy and I wanted to keep on walking forever.
One series of thoughts that I had during my walk had to do with raw food, love, and nurturing. If God is love and nurture, then raw foods for me are Godly. Raw food eliminates the pain and suffering of animals involved in animal agriculture, and many of the workers involved in that industry. It nurtures the world by reducing carbon outputs in many ways. Raw food is a way I can nurture and love myself and the world. The radiance which filled me today truly felt divine and I am thrilled to have experienced it”.

Read more of this lovely lady’s exciting journey – see Mich’s blog “A Paradigm Shift Towards Freedom“! At the bottom of the page, click on “More Recent Posts” to continue reading.
The Garden Diet Schedule of Programs:
28 Days Raw – January 23rd
21 Day Raw Cleanse – February 20th
Raw Empowerment Program – Ongoing Registration, begin any time and go at your own pace!

An exciting event from Raw Vegan Radio and Steven Prussack begins today through the end of the month, with free talks by over 40 speakers including Storm and I. Other speakers include Victoria Boutenko, Sergei Boutenko, Cherie Soria, Will Tuttle, Paul Nison, Dr. Fred Bisci, Dr. Doug Graham, Karen Knowler, Durianrider, Shazzie, Brenda Davis, Jameth Sheridan, Jay (the Juiceman) Kordich, Dr. Aris LaTham, Philip McCluskey, Yuri Elkaim, Brandi Rollins, Joy Houston, Dr. Craig Sommers, Michael MacKintosh, Nick Good, Jason Wrobel, Rod Rotundi, Valya Boutenko, Marcus Patrick, Karen Ranzi, DeWayne McCulley, Frederic Patenaude, Penni Shelton, Puma St. Angel, and Niraj Nalk, just to name a few! LOL! :)
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In Joy!

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