Lovely Raw Program Feedback and Photos…

I just wanted to share a really nice email I received this morning from Marsha Sims who is participating in The Raw Rumpus. I love when people share their experiences on the programs with me (I have a whole page of such comments here: but this was extra nice because she sent photos she had taken of some of the food…

rumpusgreensmoothieShe is raving about the recipes on The Rumpus, although it is much more simple than the 21/28 day program recipes, because it is all about Rapid Raw Weight Release. So, if you like the Rumpus, you’ll love the 21 Day Cleanse, our next upcoming program at

It’s also funny to me that she finds it to be too much food! Certainly, one of the strategies on The Rumpus is to eat a lot of raw food including snacks in order to stave off hunger, cravings, or any desire for other-than-the-healthiest-cleanest-raw-foods.


(It’s also amusing because once in a while I get an email from a person who has just purchased the programs and emails me panicked that it is too little food to survive on! – Usually they are shocked to find out they almost can’t eat it all and are never hungry. But if you are hungry, you can eat as much fruits or vegetables as you like between meals – or just enjoy the hunger!)

We also avoid triggering the body’s stress response to reduced food intake by intaking as much bulk as ever, but with a higher nutrient density and lower calorie count, eliminating all the empty calories in a normal diet, and thus actually releasing weight while never being hungry! So we don’t risk slowing our metabolism down.


Here is Marsha’s letter….

Hi Jinjee,

I’m LOVING the program!  I LOVE the salads!  I enjoy the nut mylks (with one extra date), the lemonades (yummy!), and the smoothies (smile)!

I am really, really happy!  I’ve lost 4 pounds, and I’m really excited because I know what raw food can do for me; I’ve been there before.  I just couldn’t get back up on the wagon.  Your program has helped me to re-start and now I’m back as committed as ever.

I have not been hungry since I started.  No cravings, etc.

I have a question:

– About quantity.  Am I supposed to try and eat / drink ALL of everything?  I’m so stuffed all day every day now.  It’s good because I’m not hungry; no cravings or anything.  But am I supposed to be stuffed?

This program is WONDERFUL!!!

Marsha Sims
Author: “Organizing Your Day,” “Smart Office Organizing,” “5 Days to a Clutter-Free House”


To find out more about our participants’ experiences on The Garden Diet raw programs, see

Want to give the programs a try? Sign up for The 2-Program Lifetime Membership at and you’ll also get The Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus as a bonus gift! Go raw for the Holidays and/or the New Year with the recipes, guidance and support you need to thrive on a healthy raw lifestyle long-term!


In Joy!

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One Response to Lovely Raw Program Feedback and Photos…

  1. Annamaria Fabian says:

    Hi Jinjee,
    what a wonderful light green smoothie! What kind of smoothie this is? Or is it a secret? :)) Thank you for the post. I hope, in the very close future, I can take part of your program.
    Have a nice day!
    Annamaria Fabian

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