Loved Iyanla’s 10 rules for success

I love everything this woman has to say about how to be truly successful – and I believe she defines success as happiness. But number 6 on this list of her’s below was something I have been trying to tell my clients for ages. I’ve run into people who thrive on the raw diet and even heal on it, but who then give it up because someone else disagrees with it. It is nice to hear how passionately she advocates holding onto your own clarity in the face of other’s not understanding.

“Never judge your clarity based on somebody else’s response. I don’t need your agreement; I just need your support”.
– Iyanla Vanzant

Here are Iyanla’s rules for success…

1. nurture your vision

2. love what you do

3. stop whining

4. keep it simple

5. refuse to fail

6. hold to your clarity

7. be authentic

8. be mindful of your words

9. be good to you

10. be clear


In Joy!


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One Response to Loved Iyanla’s 10 rules for success

  1. janet says:

    Loved this — so thankful for the inspiration.
    ‘Who you BE’ is what i s important – not what you do. Yeah – this woman is so hotly cool and cool that she’s hot.

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