Lessons From Amal Clooney

georgeamalWhat can we learn from George Clooney’s new bride, Amal? I’m not going to talk about how she is skinny, because nobody is even thinking about that. They are mostly talking about her accomplishments and what she has done for humanity.

And I’m happy for young girls to see that Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor chose an accomplished and intelligent women to be his life companion. It is a big win for feminism. As I see it, the moral of this fairy tale that I hope will seep into popular consciousness might be to not ask how you can land a man (or woman) but rather to ask how you can best use your unique gifts to be of service to humankind.

This blog/newsletter is about raw eating for health, beauty and happiness. And relationship health is a part of health. So much happiness is affected by relationship health. And though I’m not a relationship expert, I have learned in my quest for becoming a whole/healthy person inside and out, that the key to health, happiness, and even healthy relationships (from attracting one to maintaining one to getting out of a bad one), is to have your own life.

More, to really be fully engaged in doing your mission on Earth. And whether that means gathering life experiences and doing inner work to discover your passion or whether it means gathering your forces to embark on the first terrifying steps along the path that is calling to you, to me this is really the most fulfilling, rewarding and sane thing to keep as your main focus.

We are here on this fascinating world in these wondrous bodies with unlimited minds and with an abounding array of intense opportunities to learn, to grow, to think, to act, to experience, to change ourselves, to change the world, to help others. One of the beautiful things about being on our troubled planet is that there is no shortage of meaningful work to be done!

When we are completely interested in and engaged in our own journey, focused on our end goals, dealing with the inner and outer obstacles with courage and determination, then I think we are really living. Obviously, a balance of work and play/relaxation is important for health, and we probably shouldn’t let passion morph into an out-of-balance extremism or fanaticism which is mentally unhealthy.

But in being an active participant in our own life, and directing it through having direction, we can I believe discover who we are, develop a strong sense of ourself, and live a fuller expression of who we are, which might be the best gift we can share with our fellow humans!

In Joy,



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2 Responses to Lessons From Amal Clooney

  1. Tina says:

    Nicely put…! have a wonderful day! great post again!

  2. Georgie says:

    i love the rhythm of your language Jinjee. You give inspiration and pure love with these words. Thank you!

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