Last Week of Raw Thanksgiving Cleanse Early Bird Special


Artwork by Raven Talifero

This week when you sign up for the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Special at you will get The 3 Raw Thanksgiving Feasts as well as all the Raw Bonus Gifts listed on the 21 Day Cleanse site! (All for a low early bird rate, if you order by this Friday!)

Find out details about everything you’ll receive, how to join in the fun and get in on this great deal here!

Or register directly here and now with this link and download all the raw Thanksgiving recipes with eBooks and bonuses now! (You’ll be all set to go raw on Monday Nov 23rd, or you can use your lifetime membership any time and wait to start in the New Year if you prefer!)

Holiday Tips…

Encouraging you to follow the Programs to the best of your ability between holiday parties and feasts, and if you choose to indulge or are pressured to partake of holiday fare, use these ideas to minimize damage:

– Serve yourself a main course of the healthiest looking salad on the table. (maybe the one you bring!)

– Take a 1-2 tablespoon sized scoop of two of the healthiest veggie dishes (cooked if necessary)  as sides on your plate. (eat them if you like, but another option is to just play with it, move it around on your plate, and leave it!)

– Or be boldly raw if you are ready for the onslaught of questions! Enjoy the spotlight, share your knowledge but don’t be obnoxious or holier-than-thou! Let people enjoy their choices and they will (hopefully) let you enjoy yours!

In Joy!

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