Last Day to Sign up For New Years Programs

Happy New Year from The Garden Diet!!!

Today, New Year’s Eve, is the last day to sign up for our January 1st start-date programs:

The Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus


The Raw Empowerment Program

However, you can still sign up for our January 5th start-date program The 28 Day Raw Experience! until Jan 4th.

And when you sign up on for the 2-Program Lifetime Membership Early Bird Special good only until Friday you get the 28 Days Raw Program, the 21 Day Raw Cleanse, The Raw Rumpus, and The Raw Empowerment Program all included! And you have a year to enjoy them all, as well as Lifetime to enjoy the 21/28 day programs!

This is the maximum raw support you can get online! If you truly want to succeed in your health journey, your raw food journey, and your lifestyle goals this year, I wholeheartedly recommend this package for you!

Treat yourself to a rawsome 2015! 

Sign up now at:

I would love for you to read what  our participants have said about our programshere:


Whether you join in the fun with us or not, I want to wish you the best year ever in 2015!

May you continue to be the wonderful truth seeker and health seeker that you are, so that you can keep growing and glowing in to the highest expression of your self, shining your unique light on the world while enjoying your life to the fullest!

Happy New Year!!!

In Joy,

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