Last Day for Best Special Ever!

You know you want to and need to go raw! So what’s holding you back?

If it’s support, guidance, recipes, and education – our Programs are a complete package of everything you need to go raw easily, safely, and with joyful deliciousness!

If it’s funds, check this out. What if…
1. you get an early bird discount
2. you get a 2-Program special rate (28 Days Raw and 21 Day Raw Cleanse for one low payment)
3. you get a Lifetime Membership to these two flagship Programs for ongoing raw support
4. you get a 3rd advanced Program 1 yr. membership with 4 special menu plans and new raw recipes as a bonus gift
5. you can split the cost with a friend
6. you can defer your payment for six months

That’s all the specials we’ve ever offered rolled in to one, plus some, and you can get this crazy deal only until end of today Friday August 30th and only at

If that seems like an obvious choice click to sign up at our 28 Days Raw website here:

If it doesn’t seem like a no-brainer consider everything you will receive…See

The 28 Days Raw Program begins Monday! Today is a good day to print your shopping list so you can shop for the ingredients this weekend and be ready to start with the group this Monday, Labor Day, September 2nd 2013!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on yesterday’s article: Raw Gratitude Real Magic at

In Joy!

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