Keep Calm and Earn Points!

pointsOur next Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus begins on Saturday August 2nd!

The Rumpus is also known as The Raw Cup as it is a tournament in which participants compete in teams, earning points for their teams with a system of points given to themselves for each healthy choice made.

This system has made the difference for many people who realized that to their surprise they found themselves much more easily making healthier food choices and particularly resisting temptations and working out more to earn points for their teams!

Here’s a testimonials from our last session….

One of the reasons I signed up for this program was the group competition. I thought knowing that my actions would affect others would help me stay on the program. Now that I am here, I realize what really helps me the most is the point system. I like earning points for doing things that help me achieve my goals. I don’t like losing points for doing things that slow me down. But what I like best is the contrast, and the reason behind it. If I eat a bite of the lunch I make for the boys, my day is not ruined, I just lose a few points. If I go way off track, still far fewer points lost than gained the rest of the day for creating good habits. A mistake does not mean the end of the world; the points help to put our actions in perspective.
– Darla

For more information about The Rumpus points system and for registration options click here!

In Joy!

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