Kathleen Wins Summer Slim-Down!

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Kathleen - The Garden Diet Summer Slim-Down Champion!

The votes are in!……..You have decided!……….Thank you all for your participation!……..The winner of our Summer Slim-down Challenge, who will receive the grand prize of a free getaway at our week-long 10th Annual Garden Diet Retreat in Pine Mountain Club, California is……………..Kathleen! (pictured above)

Thank you Kathleen for doing such an awesome job on your transformation – and I have to say I just love it when people wear the same clothes in both their before and after photos! It helps a lot. You are a wonderful example for our Boomers of the changes that can occur in just 7 weeks of following The Garden Diet Program Menu Plans! It was a close race between Kathleen and Jessica, followed by Lourdes and Becca who were also very close. (See our other amazing participants who submitted photos).


For more info about The 10th Annual Garden Diet Retreat visit: http://TheGardenDiet.com/retreat

If you’d like to sign up for the next 28 Days Raw and 21 Day Cleanse Sessions STARTING TOMORROW you can still sign up until midnight tonight at http://28DaysRaw.com or at the super-special link below!

This is the last back-to-back session of the year. This 28 Day Program spans Thanksgiving so we’re including a raw vegan Thanksgiving feast eBook and Video Demonstration of two different feasts! You can opt to follow the regular menu plan on that Thursday or make a departure and do one of the raw Thanksgiving dinners. If you do need to eat a traditional Thanksgiving dinner due to family obligations, I would still encourage you to participate in the Program. I’ll guide you through easing in and out of the Program to accommodate your traditional meal, and you will still get great results. In fact, if you have to engage in holiday feasting, all the more reason to sign up for this Program now and keep your health and your shape as good as can be through this time of the year, giving you a head-start on the New Year shape-up!

The 21 Day Mid-Holiday Cleanse (immediately following this 28 Day Program) falls right between Thanksgiving and Christmas so you can gain some more ground in between these two food-oriented holidays. After our Cleanse, you may actually feel like really taking it easy on your digestive system this Christmas, by making wiser choices. You will have plenty of tools to help you do so! OR, you may even opt to join in our 14 Day Orange Juice fast which starts the day after The Mid-Holiday Cleanse and encompasses Christmas and New Years Eve! This year, bring the light inside with a deep detox cleanse, taking in the light vibrations of in-season oranges and their healing, nutritious, cleansing, and delicious juice!

Sign up for our 3-Program super-special below to enjoy all of the above for one low price!

What are The Garden Diet Programs?
– The 28 Day Transition to Raw Program (a 100% raw program)
– The 21 Day Raw Cleanse (a 100% raw program)
– The 14 Day OJ Diet
– The 7 Days Raw Program

These programs were designed to share our lifestyle with others who would like to go raw but aren’t sure how. It is like a raw food retreat that you do from your own home, in which your menu is entirely planned out for you for 7 weeks. You download the menu plans and shopping lists, telling you what day to buy which ingredients. You shop twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday), and there are three meals a day plus snacks. The menus are 100% raw vegan with the exception of the use of raw honey, which you can leave out or replace with the sweetener of your choice if you prefer.

The Programs include:
– Menu Plans with directions for each recipe
– Twice Weekly Complete Shopping Lists with all the ingredients you’ll need for each recipe for the next few days
– Daily Instructions with Daily Motivational Reading, Daily Journal Exercises, Daily Workouts, Educational Reading, and Happiness Exercises
– Workout Video Downloads
– Weekly Conference Calls with Storm and I
– Program Pal for daily check-in support
– Community Forum with Blogs for documenting your journey and forming a raw support-network
– Our 16 Raw Food eBooks for motivation after the Program
– Lifetime Membership so you can stay on the programs as long as you like

You can view our upcoming schedule of programs here: http://thegardendiet.com/calendar

We have a very special Holiday Program Schedule planned out for you to help you get through the season with minimal damage!

Here is a peek at our Holiday and New Year’s schedule…

Monday October 31st – Sunday November 27th – 28 Days Raw Program
Monday November 28th – Sunday December 18th – 21 Day Raw Mid-Holiday Cleanse
Monday November 14th – Sunday November 20th – 7 Days Raw Experience
Monday December 19th, 2011 – Sunday January 1st, 2012 – 14 Day Holiday Orange Juice Fast

Monday January 2nd – Sunday January 22nd – 21 Day New Year’s Raw Detox Cleanse
Monday January 23rd – Sunday February 19th – 28 Day New Year’s Transition to Raw Program
Monday February 20th – Sunday March 11th – 21 Day Raw Cleanse
Monday March 12th – Sunday April 8th – 28 Days Raw Program

To find out more about our Programs…
21 Day Raw Cleanse
28 Day Raw Program
7 Days Raw
14 Day OJ Diet

7 Days Raw Program
For those who would like to get their feet wet with a week-long raw menu plan first, we have a 7 Days Raw Session starting November 14th (This is while our 28 Day Session is also going on, so don’t sign up for both). The 7 Days Raw Program costs only $29.95 and includes a menu plan and access to a group community forum for all participants! You can sign up here: http://thenatch.com/ebookpages/7days.html

– It doesn’t matter what order you do our Programs in
– Our Programs are not scientifically formulated, so you don’t have to stick to them precisely to get results. You can make substitutions to the menu plan and adjust it to suit your particular needs. We are available to help with this.
– Most of the recipes are flexible so you can substitute fruits for other fruits, vegetables for other vegetables, etc…
– If you send me a list of ingredients you can’t obtain, I will send you a list of suggested substitutions
– 95% of the ingredients are commonly available, with the exception of young coconuts, durian, cherimoya, and kelp noodles
– For low-fat followers, nuts can be soaked to remove a lot of the fat, and avocados and coconuts can be left out
– For low-sugar needs, fruit breakfasts can be substituted with green juices (recipes included in menu plan)
– For athletes, children or others with higher calorie requirements, nut-milks can be added as snacks (recipes included in menu plan)
– All the recipes serve 1 person, so they can be easily calculated for more people following the plan
– Families and couples can easily share a menu plan, Program materials and components
– This Program can be done from anywhere in the world
– Conference Calls are recorded so you can listen later if you aren’t able to make the call time
– Conference Calls are held on Sundays at 2:00 PM Pacific Time (3:00 PM Mountain, 4:00 PM Central, 5:00 PM Eastern)

Some recent testimonials….

Hi Jinjee,
Went to the doctor today. I had thyroid cancer 7 years ago and am cancer free today. However, I take a thyroid hormone replacement. My blood work came back very well. So well in fact that I am down one thyroid replacement pill a week. Is my body trying to make its own thyroid hormone without a thyroid? It has to be all the raw foods I have been eating. I am super excited! Makes me want to stick to a raw food diet!
– J

Your recipes were wonderful and fun to make. I am the world’s worst cook and hated food preparation. I was amazed that I was able to follow your recipes and end up with something that was edible and delicious. The nut recipes were a “wow” for me. I was unaware so much could be created using nuts. Thank you very much for the great recipes.
– M

I had a great time exploring all the new recipes in the Transition to Raw program, as well as the further gains I’ve been making on the athletic side (not to mention how much better I’ve been feeling in terms of attitude!). Again, thank you so much for everything – the great support program, the recipes, and your fantastic attitude toward life.
– S

– D

Well it is done and I am feeling a lot better. Still have some weight to lose but I have learned so much about myself and how to begin to change those bad habits that I was hanging onto. It has been a great 21 days. It has really given me a new start.
– T

I really enjoyed this program. It’s something that I needed, having some discipline in my diet has been probably the most valuable aspect. The food was great and I did not detox and feel terrible as I thought I would – I did have a bad few days in the first week but was quite recovered by the second week. By the end of the second week I felt 100% normal again – or better than normal rather. I’ve lost 12.3 lbs.
– M

I am feeling so many changes, sleep is better, my body doesn’t ache anymore, I am losing inches and weight, I can move much better, I have energy, My emotions are balancing out, I don’t have fogginess in my head anymore, I don’t wake up like I have a cold anymore. I am looking forward to the 28 days raw to continue.
– T

Thanks to the inspiration from the 21 Day Cleanse, my life has completely changed. I only had 2 bad days in the beginning. I have been mostly RAW since the beginning, and I am happy to report I have had no headaches since the first week. I sleep better. I spontaneously want to move and dance. Everything in my life feels like it is firing on all cylinders. My clothes fit better. I feel fantastic. I think this will be the first Halloween in 47 years that I will not be eating any Halloween candy. No thank you.
– R

Thank you, I’m very grateful to all of you who have shared about your experiences on the Programs!!!

NEW 24 HOUR SPECIAL…(until Monday midnight)
We’ve been doing one super-special per weekend this month, so here is our final crazy weekend sale…..
Click here to sign up for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to ALL THREE Garden Diet Programs for the price of our 2-Program special, only $147!

In Joy!

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