Journey Through Moodiness to Self-Love and Confidence

oceanskySometimes I’m in a bad mood. I allow myself these. I think it’s good to be in a bad mood sometimes. Right now my bad mood allowed me to close the door on everyone and just take some time alone and write. I told Jome to do the dishes. I’m in a no nonsense mood. I like it. I embrace more of these. They aren’t actually bad. They just aren’t fluffy and light. And that’s great. I’m too fluffy and light sometimes. I like myself like this. This is the journey! This is the journey of confidence, getting to know myself, getting to love myself. Yes. I get it.

Journey through Moodiness to Self-Love and Confidence

1. accept your mood

2. accept this is you

3. observe yourself in this mood

4. learn about yourself

5. love yourself

6. feel confident


I have to make a complex dinner. I don’t really want to do this. I got roped in. I don’t like doing things if they aren’t on my do-list and/or aren’t fun. Even fun stuff I prefer to do if it fulfills a goal. I guess I’m goal-oriented. Maybe I need to be able to let go and relax, go with the flow, realize that the Universe has better plans for me than I could have made myself.

In Joy!


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