Jealously Guarded Beauty Secrets

I had a wonderful conversation with a beautiful woman yesterday. My mouth dropped open when she told me she was 53. I had to ask her “pardon me, could you say that again?” 3 times. I thought she was a ravishing beauty who was in her 30’s.

I hesitated to ask her what her beauty secrets were because the last time I did that to someone the woman literally ran out of the store. I know, it was strange, but I have learned that many women actually guard their beauty and fitness secrets as though revealing them was just going to create more competition for them.

So I felt very grateful when my new girl crush revealed that she had accidentally stumbled into a simple habit that increased her metabolism and caused her to release 10 lbs, putting her at her ideal weight.

She had been walking her dog in the mornings and her roommate walked the dog in the evenings. But then her roommate went away for a week and she started walking her dog in the morning and the evening. And that did it. Each of the walks was about 20-30 minutes. And suddenly she started releasing weight. She could feel her metabolism had sped up. And this was the only lifestyle change she had made at this time.

I’m sure this isn’t the whole story…She is very spiritual with an inner glow and light…and she still believes in love. She values herself and is kind. These are just things I picked up, and these and many other factors play into a person’s health.

But I was grateful that she shared that one secret. I believe this is very valuable information when you consider how jealously guarded so much true knowledge can be.

I’m going to give it a try, while also continuing my afternoon bicycle ride and interval workout. Will keep you posted.

I have shared many more beauty secrets from around the world in our Programs.

In Joy!

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3 Responses to Jealously Guarded Beauty Secrets

  1. Amber says:

    Funny how so many of us believe these beautiful woman have some cutting edge secret about ‘how’ they ‘became’ the way they are. Sure some changes in lifestyle can make some noticeable appearances and make us feel great but I honestly wish we all could be honest about it.

    Years ago I saw an interview with Bo Derek. She stated that although she lives a healthy lifestyle the real truth to her beauty was genetics. I’ve heard that same statement from another woman as well. So please, let’s be real. They were fortunate to be born with their beauty and if they maintain it, they continue to amaze us all.

    Eating clean, getting the rest we need and trying to follow any spiritual path in our highly technical society of the haves and have nots isn’t as easy as we are mislead to believe. The real beauty is sharing what we know, trying to apply kindness in a world of self-achievers and getting back to basics and honesty are the real goals in a much long forgotten world. Living in modern day suburbia is nerve racking and until we all admit the biggest threat to us all is us, things will only continue to spiral out of out control.

    So stop looking for a magic potion and start a path of eliminating the jealousy, greed and desire to be number one and let’s strive to simplify this planet and our needs to keep our grasses green, our oceans blue and our children now and in the future a beautiful world to room and appreciate those of us that cared about what’s left behind more so than what’s in the taking for a ‘me’ world now!

  2. Marie Nadine Pierre says:

    Jah love Jinjee

    Give thanks and praises for sharing this post. I am inspired. I think that you look fabulous too. I loved the picture that you posted of yourself 2 weeks after delivering your youngest baby a few years ago. I couldn’t believe how fab and flat your stomach was!!! I worked out with a personal trainer for about a week many years ago and that’s the only time that I saw changes in my body that I loved. My stomach was getting really fab and I had muscles too. Recently, I worked out for hours at a gym in NYC a few days a week and saw some changes but my stomach remained bloated. In fact, the only time that it’s flat is when I fast for a few days. Unfortunately, I cannot fast forever so I have to find a better way. Please help me to develop a plan. I am hoping to settle down soon in an apartment or domicile in Paris, France where I am attending school. I will be able to follow your program and exercise. I think that I have to do weight training. I love the cardio and aerobic workouts too. For instance, I love to walk and run so I use the treadmill and stairmaster a lot. And I also take yoga and dance classes as often as I can. Thanks a lot in advance for your kind help. Blessed love.

  3. marquisha says:

    That’s fabulous, how nice to add so little to your lifestlye but to gain so much l0l

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