Building Muscle, Toning, Cleansing, Rejuvenating and Re-Energizing

Before and After The Garden Diet's 21 Days Raw Cleanse
Not everyone joins The Garden Diet Programs to release weight. We
often have people join in who are already raw vegan but seeking to
improve their raw diet in order to maximize their potential for
long-term health and well-being.

We have people join simply to detox or cleanse. And I often receive
emails from people who want to try our programs but don’t want to
lose any weight. I tell them that this is entirely possible; they
just need to adapt the programs a little as follows (this is also
what I tell pregnant and nursing mothers who want to do the

– Snack on fruits, nuts, seeds, veggies, nut-milks, salads,
smoothies or juices (using the recipes in our menu plans) between
meals if hungry.

– If working out or doing physical labor, add an almond milk in the

– If trying to gain weight / build muscle exercise with weights
within 20 minutes after eating to metabolize the food in to muscle
while it is still in your system. Raw food is digested much more
quickly than cooked food.

– The Deep Cleansing Week (Week 2) of the 21 Day Cleanse is lower
in calories so if releasing any weight is really a problem, skip
this week and go straight to the Week 3 menu. OR shop for double
what is on the shopping list for Week 2 and make twice as much of
each recipe, and either eat/drink all at once or use the second
half to snack on between meals.

Success Story….

Here is a lovely testimonial and Before and After from a woman who
completed our last 21 Day Raw Cleanse and was able to build muscle,
tone up, rejuvenate, re-energize and get the raw glow!!

I did both the 28 days transition and the 21 days cleanse. I noticed results in the first week. I felt lighter, more aware, awake, and cleaned out. It feels so good to eat foods so full of life.

With the EBooks and the daily emails from Jinjee, I was able to keep up very easily with the programs and the workouts. Also, the workouts are very simple and short, which worked for me as I get burned out if I am bored by working out. Doing the workouts and raw foods helped me gain muscle, which was my goal. I also had enough energy to start walking anywhere from 10-20 miles a week. Something I never could get myself to do.

I feel like I will be able to continue on this path of being healthy and happy.

Detox symptoms for the transition was pretty mild for me. I thought it was nice that I did not have to re-arrange my life just to do the programs.

I am really glad that I did both of these programs.

Before and After The Garden Diet's 21 Days Raw Cleanse

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In Joy!

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