Important Video For Your Health…

Is Your Life in Balance…

I just watched an incredible video made by a medical doctor who realized that health is more than the body’s health. She said things that I have realized through my work in the raw diet field over the last 14 years about how all areas of life are part of health, wholeness, and how she quit being a medical doctor because she realized that just diagnosing the body on its own felt wrong to her. She wanted to look at the whole person and sometimes she knew she should be diagnosing “Quit your job” or “Get out of your relationship” instead of treating the symptoms of these larger issues as they presented themselves in the body… I urge you to check this out and see if all 9 areas of your life are in healthy balance….

The Wild Raw Weight Release Rumpus Starts Monday…

I’m excited to launch the 3rd Annual Holiday Rumpus this coming Monday November 30th. Calling all raw vegans who need a holiday hideaway! Come and enjoy a little friendly fun and a festive raw menu plan with the Wild Raw Rumpus! This session lasts until the end of December and is an alternative party for us raw folks who want to stay healthy for the holidays! Find out all about it and sign up to get started at


In Joy!

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