How to prepare to go raw and thrive with these easy tips

I’d love for you to think about joining in on the 28 Days Raw Program that begins on June 27th, a week from this coming Monday. (


If you’ve had trouble taking the plunge in the past, you might consider joining in an optional Prep Week that starts this coming Monday. This is the week that you prepare on your own for going raw. If you order the program and download the materials you’ll find PrepWeek.pdf in the PDF folder called 28days.


This document has a variety of ideas for preparing yourself to go on a 100% raw diet for you to pick and choose from based on what resonates with you.


You can cut out one toxin a day, or cut out one or more or even all of the major toxins like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners, MSG, animal products and processed foods for the whole week.


In addition you can undertake some detox-prevention practices like increasing your cardio and stretch workouts, drinking more water, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables for fiber.


You can prepare mentally and materially by getting your kitchen cleaned out and gathering the raw equipment you need (listed on, looking over the menu plans and shopping lists and determining where you will buy your ingredients.


All this and more is covered in the Prep Week eBook that comes with the 28 Days Raw Program at


Preparation can make all the difference in helping you feel ready and eager to take that giant step into a new stratosphere of health, fitness, energy, beauty, rejuvenation, wellness, and well-being!


Find out more, see Before and Afters and recipe pics at


In Joy!
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  1. PeachesQ says:

    Can’t wait to get back home and unstress. I need to get back to my healthy way of eating and life! I’ll join you in July!

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