Honor Your Experience, One Week to Raw Detox

It has always puzzled me when people choose to follow a diet that works for someone else when it doesn’t work for themselves. And vice versa, they will give up a diet that works really well for them based on someone else having a bad experience with that particular version of the diet. When will we learn to honor our own experience, to listen to our own bodies?

Unfortunately, we are never taught to do this. We are all brought up to listen to outside experts, starting with our own parents. I’ve learned a lot from my parents but I think the thing I’m most grateful for is their instilling in me a trust in myself.

Our bodies, minds and spirits are all very unique and complex, as is modern life and the huge array of modern diets and food choices. You are doing great to have made it this far in your life taking care of the extraordinary machine that is your body/being. Why not give some thought to (or make a list of!) all the decisions and choices that brought you to where you are today and give yourself a grateful pat on the back for your good work! Maybe this could be a step towards building that trust in yourself that will help you to truly honor your own experiences!

One Week until 21 Day Detox

OMG, the next 21 Days RAW starts a week from today, on Monday February 2nd! If you haven’t yet gotten around to starting your New Years Resolutions to make your health and diet a priority, or if you have lost that focus, this is a great program to get on to revitalize your intentions and boost your commitments! We have all the support for you that you could ever want – and more! :)

Find out all the juicy details with pictures here: http://21daysRAW.com

In Joy!

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